Are you embarrassed with a bad look of your photo?

Do you have become drowsy of trying varied ways to have good pics?

Do you avoid parties because of your weird photo look?

Ohh! It’s really awful because these days clicking photos have become common due to the smart phone and advanced camera.

No matter, whether you are enjoying with friends, roaming anywhere or doing something else, you immediately click the photo and post it on social media. So, looking good in a photo is always necessary.

Anyway, you need not worry if you don’t look good in the photo. As here, I am sharing some tips that have already applied by many of the people. These tips have really worked in a great way to have a good and admiring pic.

Hence why to be late, just focus on the tips to have a smart and good looking pic. It doesn’t matter whether you are short heightened or long, dark or light complexion. Just follow these tips:

Simple Tips to have Good Look in Photo

1. Try to show the left side of face

Most of the people are aware of their good side, so they always prefer that side only. But, as per the popular Photo Books India photography, it has been found that showing the left side of face always perfect to present an epic pic.

Image Source : intelligentgossip

2. Always Stand Away from Camera in Group Photo

Never try to have pic closer to the camera otherwise, you will have uneven and large.

Instead of standing close to the camera, you have set a good position with the people you are going to have a group photo.

Anyway, if you are looking for a stunning group photo, you can look for photo book online to have the perfect click.

Image Source : nickersonpr

3. Slightly tilt your face

Turning your face slightly tilt will give you more depth feature of your look. Cheek bones appearing on your face really present a pretty look.

Image Source : thestudioduba

4. Use lower angle to take full length photo

Many expert photographers have shown with their picture that taking photo from a lower angle makes your look longer and wider. It not only makes your look beautiful but also presents a perfect style.

Image Source : abetterlemonadestand

5. Use higher angle for seated position

If you are having photo while sitting somewhere, ask the photographer to take higher angle. You can tilt your face somewhat up to have catchier look.

6. Have the right make up

A make can play a very significant role in making your look adorable or terrible in photo. Learning about the makeup highlights for right area can look good in any pic.

  • Instead of thick foundation, you should use concealer for hiding the spot on your face.
  • You can use mascara as eyeliner so that line can appear in your eyes to highlight.
  • Use some blush on your cheeks as medium pink or peach shade. If you don’t use blush, pinch cheeks before having a photo.

Image Source : chameleonjohn

7. Find the good light presence

Light is important while to have good pictures. If you don’t have flash, just find the light source that falls on your face.

You may consider lamps, doorways, windows, or streetlights to have the good light source when you don’t have a camera.

Photo taken before sunrise and after sunset gives the good light effects, so you may try it.

Image Source : alivebynature

8. Create a perfect angle of your body with camera

You should have an angle of 45 degrees away from your camera.  This angle helps in creating a slim effect that presents a perfect look in a photo.

Image Source : media-cache

9. Create a red carpet pose

If you don’t know the way to create red carpet pose, here are the ways that you can follow to have red carpet pose.

Red carpet pose steps

  • Just put your hand on the hip and angle your body from the camera.
  • Turn your face towards the camera.
  • Turn, your one shoulder closer to the camera as compared to another shoulder. This will make you have a look as slender.
  • Things that you put near to camera look bigger. So, if you don’t want to emphasize any specific part of your body, you need to keep in mind that camera is not closed to that specific part.
  • Now, move your shoulder back and make your back straight. A good posture can make an amazing difference while you are taking a photo.

Image Source : gimmefashion


Nowadays, you may consider photo book online India to have an astonishing click for any of the occasion in a marvelous way. Photo book online can really help you in a great way to achieve your dream pose in your picture.

  1. Have correct body position

You may bend your body instead of having a straight, stiff legs, and limp arms. Bend your arm and keep them somewhat away from your body. This help to create the shape specifically to your midsection.

Image Source : static.showit


These are some of the tips that are really going to make you have a stunning and charming pic. However, if you practically want to know about varied simple and amazing ways to have perfect photo, you may consider photo book India where you can also have photo book printing India.

Anyway, if you have more ideas or want to have more information considering to photo shoot, please let us know in our comment box.

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