11 DIY Office Cleaning Ideas

Your business performance is directly proportional to the cleanliness of your office.

What rubbish is this? Is this your reaction in response?

This is not rubbish but a reality that none can invalidate.

I know you are surprised to read this and want to ask a question.

Fire away.

How can cleanliness affect your business performance?

Cleanliness makes the office environment hygienic. So, uncleanliness makes it unhygienic.

If you do not take care of cleanliness in your office, people will often reach you with a request to allow them giving home because they are feeling headache. Several times, they will email you from their home that they are unwell so unable to attend the office.

Therefore, you would not be able to fulfill the requirements of your clients in time that will irritate them and compel them to reconsider their business relations with you.

Do you want this?

Never. No entrepreneur ever wants it, so how can you?

This answer bears one more question –

How can you ensure the cleanliness in your office?

Two options are there – either hire a professional office cleaner or do it yourself.

Hiring a professional office cleaner

As you are expert in what your job is, an office cleaner is expert in his job that is cleaning offices. In one inspection of your office, he will determine what sort of cleaning solution you need.

He will use advanced cleaning tools and environmental-friendly cleaning products in the cleaning process. His cleaning will ensure a clean and hygienic environment without any chemical use.

Do-it-yourself cleaning

If you do not hire a professional office cleaner, then you have two options – either you do it yourself, or you get it done by your office boy. You cannot do it because you are a businessperson and you have not so much time that you clean everything to ensure hygienic aura in the office. So, you will order your office boy to do it. Neither you nor your office boy possesses professional office cleaning skills then how you can be sure about the proper cleanliness in your office.

Here are 11 do-it-yourself office-cleaning tips that you can educate to your office boy so that he can ensure the best cleaning in your office.

  • Clean the knobs of the doors and windows properly with a sanitizer, so that the knobs become virus free. Do you the door and windows are the most unhygienic places that cause virus-based diseases? One more thing, install a sanitizer box at the entrance with a note for everybody to use the sanitizer before touching the doorknob.
  • The phones in your office also get around the diseases because everybody touches it. Moreover, they are covered by dust as well. So, firstly, clean the phone with a clean cloth, and then make a mixture of water and alcohol and then clean the phone with a clean cloth after wetting it with the mixture. The proportion needs to be 70 and 30 – 70% alcohol and 30% water.
  • The keyboards need to be cleaned You should first clean the keyboard with a dry clean cloth and then clean it with a magic eraser. You must squeeze the magic eraser properly so that there should be no chance of water entering the keyboards.
  • You should clean the computer mouse and CPU with a light moisture microfiber cloth. However, before using them squeeze the cloth properly so that there should be no probability of water to enter the device.
  • Firstly, clean the furniture with a clean, dry cloth, and then wet the cloth piece with citrus acid and wipe the furniture with it.
  • Remove the dust from the files and books by wiping them with a clean cloth piece. You may use vacuum also for this purpose but carefully so that the important pages should not tear with the force of the air.
  • Clean the vent of the air-conditioners in your office with a ruler or a butter knife.
  • Clean the carpets with the vacuum cleaner properly and then apply a quality carpet disinfectant to make it germ-free. It would be better to search for such a disinfectant that is environmental-friendly.
  • Firstly, use a broom to clean the floor and then wipe it an environmental-friendly floor cleaning product. This will make the floor germ free.
  • Keep covered dustbin in every room of the office and then empty that daily. Forbid your team to throw things here and there. It would be better to check their drawers in their presence to check they have not kept anything after having it on their workstation.
  • Most of the diseases spread because of the bathroom being unhygienic, so make sure bathroom must be properly cleaned. Use high-quality bathroom cleaning products to clean the urinals and toilet seat. You cannot ignore the floor. Use high-quality floor cleaning product to clean the floor.

With these ideas, you can ensure proper cleaning in your office, but doing this will take quite much time so your office boy will delay other tasks, and this is also not pretty sure how good quality he would be able to deliver.

Therefore, if you ask for my suggestion, I would want to suggest you hire a professional office cleaner Sydney for this job because assigning him the job means becoming fully tension free in this regard.

Hiring a professional office cleaner is not much difficult, with a little research on the web, you can get the best service provider in your budget.

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