20 Photojaanic Tips of Wall Art Design for Home Décor

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You don’t always need an expensive painting to create stunning wall spaces. Creative wall art can do wonders. Designing wall spaces may look like hassles, but believe me, it is worth the effort, money and time spent. Wall spaces are crucial to bringing alive a room and adding a personal touch to it. This is a great way to flaunt your flair for it as well.

Here are some tips to enhance your home décor with wall art.

  • Paint an antique sign – Antique signs are an easy way to restyle a space in a unique way. Use an old cabinet door as your wall art piece.
  • Go crazy and paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint. Believe me, they look amazing!
  • Book Page Wreath is an impressive wall art. So if words entice you, a book page wreath will work wonders for your ego as well.
  • Create a photo gallery using the clipboard. Hang artwork using clipboards. It will look perfect.
  • Photos are always the most obvious method to create wall art. Distressed Photo Canvas will give it a nice twist.
  • Build a Shelf. They are functional and a welcome addition from the mundane plain walls. They give a more organised look as well. Use hooked arches for enhanced beauty.
  • Want to portray a messy look? Go for Colours collage as well as pictures collage are good style statements.
  • Photo Canvas is an easy DIY wall art idea that is very personalised thought as well. It does not even take much time and effort to create one.
  • Framing a Memo Board is pretty and practical. They look great on the walls of kids’room.
  • Hang Starfish. They look different and add to the décor of your room.
  • Is your window not as pretty looking as you would want? Why not create a chalkboard window? They look amazing and speak volumes about your creativity as well.
  • Are you a practical fellow who likes functional stuff? Then chalkboards are your kind of thing. An industrial drawer can be restyled as a magnetic board too. It looks quirky and fun!
  • Mantlepieces always add to your room décor. Infuse character into your room with decorative mantlepieces that are a signature
  • Word Signs adorning a wall are quirky things! Create a Gold Leaf Word Sign as your signature statement. They look classy as well.
  • Want some non-traditional decorative pieces to adorn your walls? Go for Mercury Glass Plates. They are easy to make at home as well.
  • Metal Signs look great as pieces of wall art. They do not need to be hand lettered as well. Use spray paint and some vinyl to make a metal sign wall art.
  • “Mirror mirror on the wall……”Rope Mirror will work wonders. Go nautical(naughty) 😊
  • Book page is good for more than just wreaths, you can also use ruffled book pages to make a book page sunburst mirror as well.
  • Wall of quotes is no less than a wall of fame to create in your homes. Adding quotes as the artwork is a meaningful and inspiring idea.
  •  Custom signs add volumes to your style. Put planks of wood and paint a custom

Personalized photo wall art is an amazing addition to your home décor. Create personalised wall art. Decorate your space with your photos, posters, or framed prints. This is all about creating something personal that will appropriately showcase your passion as well. Of course, there are a million things to spend money on for your home. No harm in tapping into your creative juices by getting wall art pieces done for your home. You can also make your own artwork.

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