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Does not matter for what reason you have decided to move to Hong Kong, the foremost thing you need to pay attention towards is issuing the visa, or renewing it if you have one that has been expired.

If you do not have any idea about Chinese visa laws, then let me tell you that they are very much complicated and obscure, even for those who are a local specialist in the field.

This is why people choose to approach the most reliable visa application center in Hong Kong to make the process running smoothly.

There are different types of visa for the various purposes of staying in Hong Kong. The type of Visa you would require to enter the city depends on the purpose of your visit. To apply for a visa, it is important that your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of intended entry.

Below mentioned are some guidelines that will help you to know about different types of visas, and guide you for Hong Kong visa renewal and issuing.

Visit Visa


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1. The one significant thing that you should know when you are visiting Hong Kong is that you will not need any visa if you are going to stay there for between 7 and 180 days. But, for this, you need to be a citizen of UK, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, Singapore, or the US.

2. If you are a citizen of any of the countries mentioned above, then you can apply for a visa on arrival.

3. As a visitor, you will be considered applicable for applying the visa only if you have adequate funds to support your stay in the city without working.

4. But, since the city remains to allure people and if you want to stay there for longer time, then you can consult a Chinese embassy or consulate in your country that can help you with the same.

5. But remember, once you traveled with your visitor’s visa, you cannot change it into an employment visa while staying in the city.

Work/ Employment Visa in Hong Kong

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6. Work Visa is issued to someone who has got a job in the city. The confirmed offer letter should be related to your academic qualifications or work experience.

7. The sponsoring company should be able to carry out the application process required for your permit in Hong Kong.

8. The sponsoring company would also need to prove that you have the talent and skill for the particular job that the local worker could fit the best for it.

9. While applying for such Visa, the immigration department would require your education certificates, documents depicting your job experience, and other factors.

10. The application of your work visa is submitted by your future employer, not by you.

11. The company requires providing your employment letter and proof that the salary package, accommodation, medical, educational provisions and other benefits provided to you are sufficient for your living in Hong Kong.

Investment visa

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12 . This type of Visa can be issued when you are a self-employed person in Hong Kong. For applying, a significant amount of paper work is involved in the process, detailing your professional experience, proposed business activities, your capital for the job, and educational background.

13 . To make the process easier, you can get in touch with a consulate that can help you with an HK immigration visa status.

Hong Kong Dependent Visa Renewal and Issuing

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14. To apply for this type of Visa, you would need to present some relevant documents of your family members, such as passports, birth certificates, and a marriage certificate (if applicable).

15. Also, a proof will be required if you are capable of supporting your family to issue or renewing the dependent visa.

16. For renewal of the visa, you will need to consult an embassy or a consulting firm that can help you with the paperwork.

17. The sponsored family members should not have any criminal record or involve in any criminal activity.

Permanent Residency in Hong Kong

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18. If you are living in the city for more than seven years, then you can apply for this visa. Also, you will need to meet other requirements, including proficiency in Cantonese.

19. If you later leave the city for more than three years, you will, however, lose the permanent residency.

Student Visa

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20. Applying for this visa is very much similar to the work permit. Your educational institution would need to carry out the permit process on your behalf.

21. You should not have any serious criminal records, or being involved in such activity. This requirement is for applying any type of Visa.

These were some guidelines that can help you know about visa applying and issuing process for a stay in Hong Kong. If you want to cut off the burden from your shoulder and make the process easier, then you can turn the work over a visa application center in Hong Kong.

The great thing is that there are many consulates available in the market as well as online that can help you with an HK immigration visa status. You can get in touch with a trusted application firm and can apply for your Hong Kong Visa with ease.

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