21 New & Used Tire Buying Tips

Do you travel in your four-wheeler regularly?

If yes, then you most probably have encountered a situation or may experience it at-least once in a lifetime, where you find your vehicle got a flat tire.

Are you among those who do not give much thought about buying and maintaining tires until it is too late, or say, until they fail? Well, if your answer is yes, then let me tell you that you are somewhere keeping it very light with your safety as well as the functionality of your vehicle.

It is important that the tires you are buying are well selected, as they are very much responsible for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Even if you are concerned about the tires, you might find it difficult to make the right pick for your four-wheeler with literally hundreds of tires brand available in the market, providing a wide range of construction, styles, composition, and prices of the tires.

Do not worry, here I will be helping you with some of the best new and used tips for buying tires, and I am pretty sure they are going to help you in making the right purchasing decision for the same.

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1. First of all, you should make sure that you are actually in a need of a new tire.  It would not be a good idea if you go for buying a new one, when the tires are already in a good condition. It would be nothing, but a waste of money.

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2.To know if you need new tires, you go for a quick visual inspection. If there are excessive cracked sidewalls, discoloration of bulging, or tread wear, then it is probably a time to look for a new set.

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3. Inspect your car before deciding on buying the new tires

4. If you set new tires on a misaligned car, or one with bad shocks, then you will be just throwing away your hard-earned money.

5. Go through the manual and placard given by the manufacturer of your vehicle. There you can find the right recommendation about the size and type of set, which will go best with the vehicle you own.

6.Decipher the standardized code that you can find on the sidewall of the tire. It is required to describe the tires and to identify them.

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7. Do not forget to consider the wheels. If the wheels are damaged, you can consider buying a new set while replacing your tires.

8. When replacing the tires, it is suggested to buy a full matching set. BY replacing all the four tires at once, you can better take care of them.

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9. While replacing the tires, you get a time to inspect your spare tire as well. So, go for it, and replace it if necessary.

10. You are always suggested to consider buying over the internet or by catalogue. This makes your purchasing experience more convenient.

11. There are chances that the grip of your tires will be less until the residue wears off. So, give your tires about 500 miles of break-in time to make it right for cornering.

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12. Just buying a good set of tires is not enough. It is also important for you to maintain it properly. Keep checking inflation of the tires on a regular basis.

13.Buy the tire from a reputed store in order to be ensured about getting high quality products and services from them.

14. It is suggested to go through the customer reviews of a certain company before approaching it. This can give you an idea about its reliability.

15. Browse through the website of the company before getting in touch with it. Most reputed auto Repairing service providers now have their own website, so that the customers can have a look at their products and  services online.

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16. Many retailers offer one tire free if you are buying three tires from them. So, consider to approach such retailers, so that even if you did not want to replace the fourth one, you can, because it is free.

17. Do not always go for the used tires, just because they are a little inexpensive than the new ones.  They can be old and worn, and that would not be safe for you and your vehicle.

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18. If you are considering to buy used tires, then test the depth of the thread with the help of a penny. Put the penny inside each of the thread grooves of the tire. If the Lincoln’s head is visible from any of the grooves, then do not go with the tire. Look for the one in which the Lincoln’s head is not visible.

19. Even if the thread is good, you still should inspect the tire to find out if there are any defects.

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20. The good thing about buying new tires is that you will get a certain type of guarantee or warranty with them, and you can have a peace of mind knowing that your tires are in a good condition.

21. Compare the prices of the tires offered by different companies, so that you can strike the best deal for the item you want to buy.

22. Consider your budget, and then look for a company that can help you buy your desired product within your budget.

I do not think, being a four-wheel drive owner, you will not have an idea about how important role tires play in contributing greatly to increased fuel efficiency, better handling the vehicle in all road conditions, your safety, and providing tremendous comfort and ride quality.

By keeping these 21 points in mind, you can start your quest of searching a good company for replacing your tires. There are many such retailers available in the market, and you can simply approach a trusted one to be assured of getting top-notch quality products and services.

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