21 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is The World’s Best Place To Stay Or Visit

Are you planning to visit Hong Kong?

Do you want to relocate Hong Kong with your family?

Are you excited to stay in Hong Kong?

Have you got your Hong Kong dependent visa renewal?

If you have really planned to visit Honk Kong, it’s really amazing. You have really made the right choice to stay and visit.

Hong Kong is not only a special administrative region of the People Republican of China but also a great destination with a rich culture. It includes everything from the running night life to the strong culture that attracts the people to stay and visit in Hong Kong.

If you have applied for visa approval with visa application center Hong Kong, you must know about the amazing reasons to stay and visit Hong Kong.

Here are the 21 reasons that will really make you amaze to travel Honk Kong. So, let’s move to Hong Kong:

1. Amazing view of city’s skyscrapers

Honk Kong has many skyscrapers as compare to any other city in the world. And, due to this reason, it covers an eminent position among the global city rankings. It has been a boom in skyscrapers construction.

And, the view of the skyscrapers is really amazing from the mountain at any time. Its’ view is really stunning in day and night.

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2.The Victoria Harbor

The Victoria Harbor is really a lifeline of Hong Kong with its’ constant vessels parade, beautiful surrounding scenery, harbor cruise and more.

Its view in night becomes more elegant when dazzling light appears with harmonic sounds. It is called the symphony of lights that starts at 8 pm. daily.

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3. The Star Ferry

This charming Star Ferry boat is carrying people from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon for very long time. Now, two sides of Victoria Harbor is connected with advanced infrastructure system of road and rail tunnel.

Even after a century, it is still a very reliable form of transport that people prefer on regular basis.

Image Source:travel365.it

4. Rich and diversified culture

People from different part of the country are settled here in Hong Kong, so you will see the people with diversified culture.

5. Varieties of delicious cuisines

Hong Kong is famous for food, so when you visit never forget to eat delicious dish dim sum. There are many restaurants that offer varieties of amazing dishes at the reasonable rate.

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6. Convenient public transport

Double decker buses are mostly used there for public transport. The buses system is very simple to use as destinations are shown in both Chinese and English language.

These buses cover almost all the routes of Hong Kong, strictly following the public transport rules. So, it’s quite simple and safe to travel with public transport.

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7. The Hiking trails

If you want to see some natural area away from urban areas, you can go for hike at “lion rock” or “the dragon’s back”. Here, you are really going to lost with the natural beauty of mountains with the sea.

Image Source:files3.trustedsite.net

8. Lamma Island

From a beautiful fishing village to multicultural community, Lamma Island is a blend of Western and Chinese that really present an admiring environment away from busy residents.

Lamma Island just takes around 30 minutes from down town, so you can easily reach in a convenient way.

Image Source:urban-outdoors

9. Junk boat easily available on rent for weekend getaway

You can borrow junk boat from anyone on rent and can reach your desired destination for the weekend trip while enjoying through waterways.

10. Perfect shopping paradise

You will really find a jaw dropping scene when you reach causeway bay which is really an amazing shopping paradise. You can move from one large mole to another.

11. Amusement parks 

Disneyland and Ocean Park can really make you crazy. Ocean Park is the largest theme park where you can see panda, jellyfish, dolphin and more in the aquarium.

Besides, these amazing view you can also have many stunning rides making you childish.

Image Source:disneyland-hotel-tickets

12. Cable cars

The Ngong Ping 360 cable car goes through aerial tramway on Lantau Island. A ride to this Ngong ping 360 will really give you a remarkable panoramic view from the top in the air.

Image Source:guidelinetravels

13. Mongkok neighborhood

It is an amazing night market and of the perfect destination for ladies shopping. Here, you will find varieties of the market like the ladies market, the sneaker street, the temple street, and the flower market.

It is the perfect point to buy the things you wish at the cheaper rate.

14. Tsing Ma Bridge

It is 2.2km world longest road and rail suspension with heaviest weight bridge.

It connects the travelers to Chek Lap Kok airport and also looks quite beautiful in the night.

15. Bamboo and concrete jungles

The use of bamboo is considered as the secure, most versatile, eco-friendly, efficient material that used for support to reach at high height while any construction.

This kind of light and durable height extension, for doing construction is only followed in Hong Kong

16. Always crowded

The best thing about Hong Kong is that you are never going to feel alone as Hong Kong is densely populated with 16,469 people/square mile.

And sometimes you will see these entire population in Mongkok because of a busy street and cheapest market.

17. Cash free living style

Octopus card is the most significant card that works like your wallet that you can use for varied kind of transactions in Hong Kong.

You can use it at all public places to pay public transportation, vending machine sodas, KFC meals, Park n’ Shop grocery, ice skating rental boot and more. So, it’s really simple to pay.

18. Number of festivals and celebrations

You will find a number of festivals in a year, so whenever you visit there, you can have a chance to know about the unique culture in Hong Kong.

19. Colorful and running night life

Don’t miss the fun at night in Hong Kong. Life there run throughout day and night and in night life become more entertaining.

20. Perfect destination for family

If you want to stay there in Hong Kong, it is perfect as here you can have all taste of life with good income.

So, you may apply for immigration visa if you want to stay permanently with your family. After applying for a visa, you can also check hk immigration visa status.

21. Getaway to reach rest of Asia

If you are in Hong Kong, you can easily move to East Asia. And, due to this, its’ international airways charges are low as compare to other countries.

These all are the reasons due to which Hong Kong is considered as the world best place to visit or stay. If you are planning to move Hong Kong, you must be certified translation Hong Kong exam, so that you can apply for Hong Kong visa.

If you need any kind of information concerning to Hong Kong, please let us know in our comment box.

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