3 exciting things everyone should do during train journeys

Trains are the tools that get you through the depths of a nation. Talking about India, the country is really rich and full of spots and destinations. You can find Indian railways making its mark in every corner of the country. Whether you wish to go to a hamlet or a metro city; you would probably find one train taking you there. Certainly, Indian railways have been considered one of the biggest networks in the world.

Well, if you want to make your train journeys an absolute fun and thrilling experience then you need to work on your ways. You just have to pick the options that help your journeys make comfortable, effective and speedy. You can always come across options that are absolutely as per your need, budget and convenience.  Whether you want Food on Train that too of your choice or you look for some luxuries; these Indian trains have it all for you these days. Anyhow, there are three things that you should definitely try out at the time of your train journeys.

  1. Take pictures

Do you take pictures? You must be having a smart phone right? Well, assuming that you have one; you can actually make your personal camera roll of your journey. Certainly these days’ Indian railways provide the provision of charging in train compartments. Hence, you can make sure that you charge up your phone even if the battery goes down. Back to the topic, you can take pictures of different sites, spots and vistas that you come across during the journey. In this way you are going to feel so rich at the end of your train journey. Whether it is a scene of an undulating river, a splashing forest or beautiful mountains; you can capture them all in your camera.

  1. Fulfil your reading cravings

If you are a passionate reader but hardly get time to read during your day today life; it is the right time to read the stuff pending on your list. Whether you do digital reading or read paper magazines and newspapers; you can make the most of everything. Of course, the satisfaction you get after completion of your favourite book would leave you pleased. You would not just acquire a good experience but also have fun. And yes, the time would get passed in the most effective way possible.  It would be like to kill two birds with one stone!

  1. Improve your communication skills

If you feel that you lack at communicating with others or talking with others then you can do work on it while you travel by train. Most of the times there are instances when you have so many passengers around you at the time of traveling by train. Since you don’t know them or they don’t know you; you can generally start up a general conversation with them. In this way you would get to improve your knowledge and at the same time you would be able to improve your conversation skills too. After all, nobody is going to judge anyone.


So, these are the three tips that nobody should skip if they want to make their train journeys absolute fun and enjoyment!

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