5 Best Practices for Team Building That Company Should Follow

The building of a perfect team is required when one desires to have a long-lasting value addition to business when the strength of individual members is added to work in unison. Previously, there were ways like arranging group picnics and other similar ideas to build a perfect team. With the advancement of time, innovative ways have developed to build a team that is really useful for the business house.

The 5 Best Ways to Build A Team

There are many ways to build a team. Here the best of 5 such ways to team building is discussed. The ways are innovative and can be easily implemented by any business house.

Reward and recognition: It does not involve money to have this means implemented, but it is for sure having such a system in place the employees will be feeling motivated to work well. It will be seen that after such a system is in place, employees will try to work hard to get recognized and to be rewarded. The rewards may be like an extra vacation day, performance bonus or gift cards.

Lunch at company expense: It is many times heard that due to work pressure employees are not finding time to have their lunch. This not only spread a bad reputation, but also de-motivates other employees. The best way to implement is to share the lunch with a high official of the business house with the employees at a private restaurant. This will build the team and is one of the best team building exercises that can be undertaken.

Exercise with co-workers: It is seen that at times due to long hours of work one hardly finds time for self. This leads to health disorders which may be physical as well as mental. The work efficiency decreases due to this and the business loses profitability. The best way is to create a time slot where employees can perform the exercise with their co-workers. This will develop the bond and give the employees to be fit and fine.

Shuffle jobs: It is sometimes seen that employees become de-motivated having to do the same nature of work daily. They become tired easily and do not feel the urge to put in the effort to excel. Shuffling of the job is a way that can be implemented so that employees get a taste to have other responsibility other than the one generally designated to them.

They will love to work and then again changed to their original position they will have the urge to work better.

Permission to bring kids to the office: It is a common problem faced that employees find less time to be with kids. Yes, one can allow bringing kids to the office and that can be one of the team building events. The presence of the kid will bring other members of the office together and a bond will be created which will be helpful for the organization at large.

So, if any of these ways are implemented it can be said with certainty that the best of a team can be built.

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