5 common car problems and faults: Every car owner should know

If you think owning a car is a big deal, you are certainly wrong. Car maintenance requires a huge share of your time and money. Car buyers have always been finicky when it comes to choosing a well maintained used car for sale.

Listed  below are some of the common car problems that are faced by every car owner now and then:

  1. Clutch Slippage

Clutch is one of the most important parts of the car that connects the engine with the gearbox providing a motive force to the car. With everyday high wear and tear depending on a person’s driving style clutch plates tend to lose its grip gradually.

Cars driven in hilly areas are more prone to clutch related problems in comparison to a swiftly driven car on a highway.

Other clutch related problems are :

  • Shuddering
  • Trouble while shifting gears
  • Grinding noise

These are some of the most common clutch related problems encountered by car owners all around the world.

  1. Spark plugs

Failing spark plugs is also a common car problem that can be easily detected taking into consideration the average speed of the car, loss of power, poor fuel economy etc. Spark plugs are the sole reason for ignition in the combustion chamber of the car, and therefore, a failing spark plug is a crucial problem during a long journey.

How to spot a worn out spark plug beforehand?

  • Slow acceleration of the car
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Increased consumption of resources
  • Misfiring engine
  • Engine startup problem
  1. Damaged Head Gasket

If you own a modern car, a head gasket issue is something you are sure to come across every now and then. A car Head gasket lies between the engine block and cylinder head, which helps in sealing the combustion chamber keeping the coolant and the engine oil separate from each other. Once the head gasket starts getting worn out you can see a massive release of white gas from the tailpipe.

How to figure out if your head gasket is blown?

  • Faulty spark plugs
  • A release of white gas from the tailpipe
  • Low cooling system
  • Engine overheating
  1. Ignition problem

Whether it’s a spark plug issue or a dead battery, ignition has always been a serious issue amongst car owners.  Most of the car ignition problems are encountered in winters due to car malfunctioning or a dirty choke.

Top 5 reasons for a car ignition problem :

  • Dirty Choke
  • Dead Battery
  • Broken starter
  • Clogged Fuel filter

Just when your car shows up with an often ignition issues, it is time for you to consider your car for sale. Look around for some reliable car removal service offering decent cash for car in adelaide  and get rid of your faulty car right at once.

  1. Compressor

A car air conditioner completely relies on the compressor, and therefore, compressor maintenance is an important part of car maintenance. An AC compressor is responsible for the continuous flow of refrigerant throughout the system.

How to figure a faulty compressor in the car :

  • Higher cabin temperature
  • Loud noise when the AC is running

Well, these are some of the most common car problems that require a huge amount of repair cost and time investment. Considering a car for an efficient repair and replacement works out for good only till the time you have the resources to invest in your faulty car. Although it is advised to sell off your old car at a good cash price to a professional yet reliable car removal service like HS Car Removals if your old car is exhausting a huge share of your time and money.

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