5 Simple Steps for Fixing a Leaky Tap

Everybody loves to have fancy faucets installed in the washrooms, but the thing that everybody does not like is dripping faucets. You may think it is not a big problem to worry about, but believe me, you are wrong. According to a survey, 10 percent of the homeowner’s water bill is increased by a leaky tap. You can’t fix the tap yourself unless you are a plumber. However, if you are not, then you can take the help of the 24-hour plumber Manchester.

Though there are various types of faucets and taps available in the market, here we will demonstrate how you can fix the taps that have rotating knobs on them as these are the most common ones. If you have very stylish or limited edition faucets, you should call the plumbing service without wasting time and be experimenting on it. The following procedure can be applied to both the taps with hot and cold water supply. Leaky taps can be fixed in 5 simple steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is turn off the supply of the tap. You can generally find the supply of the tap underneath it with a knob or handle. Just move the handle to stop the water supply.
  1. Once the supply is stopped, turn on the tap and let the water to be drained entirely so that it doesn’t spill on the floor and increase your work. A bucket placed underneath must ensure that the leftover water should fall fall into the bucket only and not anywhere.
  2. Now, grab a spanner and find the handle of the tap. Now using the spanner remove the screw cover. Once the cover is removed, the handle will come out easily. Keep all these safely, i.e., the tap covering, and the handle.
  1. Beneath the cover, you will find a valve. Now, with an adjustable spanner loosen up the valve and unscrew it. After it is extracted, you will see a black rubber washer at the bottom, pull it off; this might be the component that is making your faucet leaky. Change the washer.
  1. Once the washer is changed, you can assemble the tap just like you opened it. After you have assembled the tap, turn on the water supply and check if there is any leak or not.

Using the following steps any tap can be stopped from leaking, but if the problem persists then it is time where you need to call the plumber. Plumbing service providers like 24-hour plumber Manchester have in-depth knowledge of how to fix up the dripping faucets. You may need sometimes need to change the faucets to stop the leakage. You may feel that calling the plumber is not a good idea as they may charge a lot of money, but believe me, their work is entirely appreciable, and moreover, it is going to be less expensive than the homeowner’s water bill.

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