5 Ways to Prep For DIY Moving

Moving out is not easy. First, the concern of leaving a cozy place, you have nicely settled in, for a new, unknown one is overwhelming. Second, the idea of prepping brings back that old procrastinator self to existence.

Between these overwhelmed emotions and procrastination, setting the records right with packing and moving out is sure to eat up the rest of your emotions too. More so when hit by the dilemma of choosing amongst all those widely scattered options of packers and movers.

Now if you are in India, particularly NCR, your options are plenty. A quick hunt down the search engine will fetch you the best and apt packers and movers in Ghaziabad. The same goes for every other search for every other place.

The question however gets tougher when planning to move out while performing every single bit of a task yourself. Most of us have limited knowledge of moving out on our own, thanks to our lack of experience and the little information available online.

To ease the matters here, we decided to come help you folks with some quick and easy tricks and tips on DIY moving. Take a deep breath, relieve yourself of all the stress and come right along. Let’s begin with a quick mental journey, reliving the moving out process in thought before living it out for real.

  • Wisdom Is In Starting Early

That is a great piece of advice, passed down and lower by our ancestors through ages. Starting early, both mentally and physically is the key to maintaining the harmony, again both in the head and outside.

It is advisable to begin by taking baby steps at least two to six weeks before your final move out date. This will help ensure your precious and other items are safely packed and placed, thereby avoiding any sort of damage in transit.

Prep early by fetching primary supplies from a store near you. Bonus points if you can dig deeper, using the available time, to search and gain good discounts.

Back to supplies, all that you would need for prepping includes, packing paper, of course, moving boxes, packing tape available especially for the moving purposes, packing tape dispensers and black marker. Would be great if you could find and fetch the sandwich bags too.

  • Rid Yourself Of The Excess

Consider all the extra effort that would go into, first picking and sorting all those unnecessary items, then in packing them, and finally in moving all of those items up and down the floors. Too much of a task, you agree, right? Right.

So, let’s here begin by getting rid of all the unused and redundant items. Get smarter and heartier with your stuff. Smart by knowing those Chelsea boots in cherry red you thought were cute are not going up and down your feet anytime sooner or later. Heartier, by donating them. Even those outdated, small pieces of machinery like the toaster you have long upgraded.

Ridding yourself of all the surplus will help ease up your mind and possibly make that random tune on the iPod merrier and worth tapping the feet to.

  • Let’s Categorize

So, you’re moving out. Of course, we know that. In fact, that is all what we had been discussing about this far. But the point in context is that moving out is directly related to moving in. And when moving in, you would be rearranging and reorganizing all the stuff per the new structure.

Therefore, being dexterous here would mean categorizing the stuff right. This would not only help you know what’s where and what’s done, but also what goes where in your new place.

Take simple things, let’s say books, and then begin with collecting them from every corner of your house. Yes, even from under the couch. And no, don’t spend time thinking how exactly had it got there. Coming back to the books in hand, put them all in one place and categorize, sorting through the lits, fictions, non-ficitons, or perhaps, first favs, second favs and so on. You can also go by colors. It’s your house and your packing after all. Isn’t that the prime reason why we got into DIY?

  • Go Smart With Your Packing

We know how DIY moving can get on the nerves, especially when topped with the safety of all those precious pieces. The idea therefore is in going smarter than working out the hard way. To give you a glimpse of what we mean here, consider this.

All those precious dishes you have stocked in the kitchen can come to haunt your dreams between the thoughts of moving out. To save yourself from the trauma, fix the crockery packaging with a couple of disposables between every other dish. This will save them from breaking.

Also, give a grand thought to your packing material. In dearth of right papers, chances are one would go with newspapers, considering they are found in abundance. It is likely that you would end up using them and those newspapers would end up staining your items with its ink. Instead, spare a couple of minutes, rush to the market and get the newsprint white paper for packing. Its thicker and stainless.

  • Get Witty When Loading

Key is in using the available space to your advantage. How? By making every inch count, of what’s available and even the one that’s not. To achieve this, include ropes and straps to your loading stage.

Ensure well while loading that all the boxes and open items are strapped tight and high, with light boxes placed over the heavy ones. Also, it might help to load the heavy boxes towards the front, in order to escape load swings during transit.

While we understand moving out still is a huge task and there is no one who can take it away, unless you hire professional services, be it packers and mover in Ghaziabad, Movers and Packers in Delhi or in any other location of the world.

Despite all, we believe any task is as tedious as we let it become and as easy, engaging and entertaining as we turn it into. Pep up your mood with a cool, jazzy playlist, load the workplace issues and other stress off your mind, take one step at a time and then see, how fun moving out actually is.


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    This is really gives you more insist and empower when you follow this section while moving one place to another.
    ” Take a deep breath, relieve yourself of all the stress and come right along. Let’s begin with a quick mental journey, reliving the moving out process in thought before living it out for real.” It is necessary for us to make it happen in easy and smother manner.


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