51 Simple And Most Important Plumbing Tips You Must Know

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The leaking and clogging of the faucet, pipes etc is a common problem in the households and for that, you rang the bell of the plumber for the assistance.

But what if you don’t have to call the plumbing service and you can fix this issue all by yourself?

There is an instant solution that will save the expense of the plumbing service!

Here go the DIY tips that help the people in dealing with the leaking and the clogging issue:

1.Take an immediate step by repairing the leaky faucet by which you can save ample amount of water from wasting.

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2.The drain clogging can be resolved by the home remedy i.e. some baking soda, half a cup of vinegar then wait for 30 minutes and put the boiling water.

3.The combination of baking soda and salt can also treat the problem of the clogging.

4.Regular cleaning of the sink ensures the minimal chances of clogging.

5.Always keep in mind that the drain and sink require different plungers so shop in accordance with that.

6.You should buy bio-degradable soaps that do not form any coating inside the pipes.

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7.Make sure you install the screens on the drains that prevents the hair to pass which implies no clogging.

8.Never flush any non-bio degradable stuff like sanitary napkins, paper towels down the lane as it will cause clogging.

9.Try avoiding any starch to pass through the sink as it will clog the drain by accumulating around the pipe.

10.Be very particular about what you dispose of in the sink. Say no to vegetable peel or other food products that restrict the flow of water.

11.You must be aware of the location of the sewer lines at your place.

12.Replace your old shower head with a newer one that will save a large quantity of water.

13.Keep a close eye on the water meter likewise if you haven’t use the water but the meter rises up then it implies the leaking issue.

14.Go for the plastic piping and avoid the metal one that corrodes faster and causes leaking.

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15.The plastic piping has simple installation and leakage issue will get fixed quickly with this one.

16.The plastic piping is somewhat reasonable than the metal.

17.Don’t ever splash any chemical on the drain as corrosion might start.

18.Check for the water pressure if it is too high then it will affect the faucet and results in leaking.

19.Learn how to use auger so you can fix the blocking issue quickly without causing any damage to the pipes.

20.It is advisable that you must turn the faucet off before repairing.

21.To use a large amount of water is recommended during the disposal of the garbage to avoid any clog.

22.It would be a great idea if you provide the sink with some plunges before removing the trap from the sink and domestic cleaning services cape town

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23.Always use a dry/wet shop vacuum when you accidentally fall some hard objects like tooth brush, soap container to the pot as a regular plunger will might not work in such case.

24.If you encounter with the clogging in the toilet then you can get rid of this quickly by putting a hot water to the pot.

25.Optimum usage of the detergents while washing as the scum they form might become the barrier for the water to flow smoothly.

26.Use a paper to remove the oil from the greasy pans before washing in the sink.

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27.To test for the leaking in your toilet, the food coloring works great as if you put few drops inside the bowl and if there is a change of color inside it then the leaking issue is there.

28.The pipes that have been extended towards the kitchen and the bathroom region should be of smaller size.

29.Always use an adhesive-backed belt for wrapping the copper pipes.

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30. A big no to the cheap quality pipes that degrades over the time and breaks fast.

31.You must have the access to the valve of the toilet if the problem of the overflow occurs which facilitates an easy turning off experience to the people.

32.The leaking faucet comes with an irritating sound that can be stopped if you tie a thread down to the drain.

33.Timely checking the sink stoppers for the residues left behind it so clogging does not happen in the future.

34. Always make sure of the fact that you are having the latest tools that ease out the process of de-clogging.

35.Avoid any sealant on the pipes as it will have a harsh effect on the plastic.

36.Make a habit of putting the hot water to the drains weekly that reduces the chances of clogging.

37.Try to dump minimum food articles in the garbage disposal.

38.Use a bucket full of water for the toilet flush during the plumbing session.

39.Try to curb the awful habit of putting every solid waste in the sink better dump them in dustbins.

40.Check for the effective eradication of the garbage disposal.

41.Avoid putting the things like egg shells, coffee grinds, solvents to the drain.

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42.Sometimes the debris is also responsible for the clog so check for this one too inside the drain.

43.“Prevention is better than cure” so if you have any doubt of leaking then immediately take an action.

44.Check whether the septic system is running smoothly or not.

45.If all the above fails then you must take the assistance of the professionals.

46.Always remember this fact that the plumbers are experts in their forte that knows how to do the task done conveniently.

47.Grease and oil are the perfect contributors for the clogging so avoid putting them in drains.

48.Tighten the loosen valve that prevents the toilet flushing.

49.Keep the number of the plumber saved in your phone in case of emergency.

50.If the problem is severe and you are not able to handle it on your own then, in that case, you can ask for help from the professional service.

51.Strictly abide the above tips for removing the leaking and the clogging problem.

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