6 Ways To Find the Best Third Party iPhone Repair/Replacement Parts Services

I still remember it was a nightmare when I had to make an important call for the much awaited interview and my iPhone suddenly stopped functioning. First I thought it could be the battery, but even after charging the phone, it failed to regain consciousness. Literally!

I almost had a panic attack. I lost one big opportunity, although I later discovered that I could call them later too. Anyway, coming back to my iPhone, you need to know this. Later that day, I searched for my iPhone invoice and found that the warranty period had expired, unfortunately. I thought of going to the Apple Care center, but then I didn’t want to put any extra penny, than genuinely required, in my phone. This was possible only if I had a third party service center as good as Apple one.

Hence, I approached one of my friends who underwent through the same situation a few days ago only. He recommended me some third party iPhone replacement part or repair services.

While searching for iPhone or iPad repair part services, I came to know many useful things that really helped me to find the perfect and genuine third party service providers for Apple devices and I thought of sharing that valuable information with you all

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Nowadays, many third party services providers are emerging that are specialized in iPhone, iPad, or iPod repairing services. But to warn you, not all of them use the real, authenticiPhone or iPad replacement parts.

Here are some valuable tips that might help you in future. Look no further.

Perfect Ways to find the Best Third Party Repair Service for iPhone, iPad or iPod

1. Search them online

This is the most common thing that people usually do so that they can have the information about the particular service providers. If you find listed them with Google Business, they’re good.

Check their official service website, Facebook or Twitter page and check the review of the people. If you find reviews positive, you may proceed for their services.

If you are not able to find the online presence of that service provider, better proceed for the next one.

A genuine company generally accepts any kind of customer feedback on the public forum and respondsto them to make the customers feel attended and heard. If your chosen third party iPhone replacement parts or repair service provider does that, Go with it.

Finding a quality information about a company is tremendously important when you need to send your device. If you are willing to send you mobile for repair, you must communicate with their mail, or phone.

If you don’t find a perfect communication address, you should immediately look for other iPad or iPhone parts repair services that can immediately provide you services at your door.

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2. Know about their charges

Pricing is one of the main factors that make the people choose a service provider when they have many options. A genuine repair shop is always open tell their service charges and there will not be anything hidden.

If you clearly need to know about their accurate chargesyou can compare their services with other service providers.

If you find services more reliable at the same rate, with other iPhone parts or iPad parts repair service providers, you must prefer them.

3. Know the quality of parts

You should straightforwardly enquire about the iPhone or iPad parts they use to repair your devices. Also, ask for warranty of those repair parts. This is needed so that if you find any kind of issue after their repair services, you could freely acquire services for that with no extra cost.

4. Warranty Services

A good iPhone or iPad repair company always provides you with the warranty duration of 90 days. This warranty service is not only available for iPad or iPhone replacement parts but also for the defects in their workmanship.

Here, they should also make you clear about the services that they exactly offer under their warranty duration. This will help you to have the complete benefits of their services even after having their repair services.

In the case, your device gets broken they will provide you a new iPhone or iPad not that refurbished one. So, you must clear these things with third party repair or replacement part services.

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5. Repairing time duration

This is the most important question that you must clear. A perfect company provides you the fixed duration of repairing time along with the receipt. However, if there is a minor issue on your phone, they will try to resolve soon, just in front of you. Here, you may need to wait for some hours.

So, you should try to have the resolution just in front of you. And, if it is not possible you can send or leave your device with them for repair but don’t forget the receipt.

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6. Don’t get attracted tocheaper rates

Though finding cheaper repairing services is good but at the same time, you need to look at their service quality. You exactly need to know about their repairing services method. As, there are many service providers who attract customer through cheap service, so you need to be alert for that.

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Hence, if you need to look for the best third party repair or replacement part services, you must keep these above points in your mind. This will help you to find a genuine and reliable service provider with whom you can easily acquire iPad, iPod or iPhone repair services at any moment.

If you need more ideas for resolving your iPhone issues with a third party service, please let us know in the comment box below.

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