The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to refresh your digital presence and ensure that you are always one step ahead of your closest competitors. The world of web design is constantly transforming as technology improves and creative tastes evolve, so here are six trends that are expected to define the web design landscape in 2019.

Immersed in nature

The fluidity of nature is a constant source of inspiration because the resulting designs often feel both fresh and accessible. Geometric shapes have defined web design for several years but a propensity towards softer lines and fluid shapes can seamlessly guide attention towards specific features and design elements that can help you to convey who you are and communicate key pieces of information to your audience easily and efficiently.

Monochrome brutalism

The monochromatic design is not the easiest style to pull off and such a limited color palette often results in brutalist websites that need support from strong brand identity. Enlisting professional expertise is almost certainly a necessity if you choose to pursue this trend and if you are looking for a skilled team specializing in ecommerce development company India is home to a range of reputable options. When executed well, the bold simplicity of monochromatic brutalism will help you to stand out from the crowd in even the most competitive marketplaces.

Gradient-filled shapes

You might be thinking that this trend sounds almost improbably specific, however, although the flat design isn’t going to completely disappear overnight, colorful gradients are starting to experience something of a revival. A quick look at Spotify’s website and marketing materials illustrate how immediately eye-catching and amiable this design choice can be.

Large and in charge typography

Typography had a moment in 2018 and this year the boundaries are set to be pushed even further. Experimenting with unconventional formatting techniques including oversizing, warping and even seeing how far text can be pushed outside page boundaries can deliver surprisingly effective results. When researching professionals specializing in web design Kingston based designers should have the skills and expertise to ensure that if you are prepared to make bold typography decisions, you will reap the rewards this year.

Bold backgrounds

Although the ongoing dark background debate is unlikely to ever fully be put to rest, it also isn’t going to prevent bold webpage backgrounds from asserting their authority in 2019. Yes, dark backgrounds are notoriously tricky to pull off, but when they’re successful they often make an extraordinarily memorable and lasting impact. Apple took this route when marketing the iPhone X by swapping its familiar minimalist aesthetic and plenty of white space for a deep black background that immediately feels luxurious and decadent.

Step back in time

What was once old always becomes new again, and vintage-inspired design is primed to make a comeback in a big way this year. This trend works especially well when retroelements are combined with ultra-modern features to create both unexpected and memorable juxtaposition alongside a sense of comforting nostalgia.

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