7 Hacks to Promoting Your Next Event

Organizing an event can be quite a tedious task. It involves incisive decision-making skills along with meticulous planning and if the event is to be organised with a shoestring budget then the entire task calls for even more effort.

One of the expeditious growing fields in the marketing and advertising domains is the event marketing. The reason for that is that most people do not recognize this type of marketing tactics.

Be it for the free sample of t-shirts or the free cuppa of the new flavor of your daily joe – we have all been victimized by one of these event marketing endeavors at least once or twice already.

The intelligent marketing efforts are some of the hacks that you can adopt to help your business succeed. Here are some of the ways to do so. Just take a look.

  • Try to Tap the Right Market – Prior to the actual event there should be a proper plan of action. The first thing to do is understand the event brief for knowing the right target audience and mapping them. This should be followed by the most crucial step of identifying the variety of channels that can be used for making a difference.

  • Develop a Multifaceted Marketing Plan – You should not just focus on a single platform if you want to drive the results. A way of planned diversification is what you should take in this case and the email and social media marketing are the first things that you should take into account. You should also create a dedicated hashtag that will serve as the tracker through each stage of the event. You should also ask your PR team for sending out event reminders and advertise through your local newspapers. You should also ensure that your website is configured well and the steps to find more info about the event are easy and convenient.

  • Use the Speakers to Promote the Event – At the time of hiring speakers for the event you should precisely make this clear to them that they are also the ambassadors of the event. You can also share the content that you need them to promote or the course of action that you want them to implement. They must actively promote the event through as many numbers of platforms as possible. They can take advantage of the online presence and as said earlier can use the email and the social media platforms for marketing about the event. They can also spread the word about the event through their professional networks and family and friend circles.

  • Collaborate with the Other Event Organisers – Finding a direct competitor of yours in case of events is quite challenging. Thankfully, on the contrary, you can find many collaborators and partners without struggling much. If yours and another event have more or less similar audience bases but do not have the similar topics and do not have very different scheduling, that can present a great opportunity for cross publication work. This will help your achieve more conversions and offer you better networking opportunities.

  • Make Live Video on Social Media with the Special Guest -The live streaming on the YouTube or Facebook is quite exciting and draws the attendees which subsequently assists with the promotion. If you hold a live session with a special guest, the audience can experience what the actual event can look like and also feel engaged. To make this more interesting you should ensure enabling the live comments and reactions. This way you can judge how you are conducting your live stream. You should ask the guest to answer to one or more questions that emerge through the comments.

  • Categories the Event Tickets – Although it is great to think that all the event tickets would be sold out fast, you should be prepared for other scenarios as well. For selling more, you can segregate your tickets into various groups like start-ups, students, business people, women in technical domain and even on the basis of the location. You should also try to consider the requirements of all types of audience members. Therefore, apart from the regular tickets, you should also arrange tickets for conferences and academic workshops and those for the after party.

  • Create a Great Event – At times the organizers get distracted and concentrate on just marketing the event. But they forget that organizing a great event is the best marketing that you can do and the attendees will be the ones to do free marketing for you through their positive word of mouth if they love your event. So you should plan and invest wisely for the best marketing agency along with arranging the right decor with the help of the right table, lounge or chair hire. If you deliver your best through your event, the customers, will help you with your marketing efforts and that will also be much more impactful.

The above are some of the hacks that you should embrace for promoting your next event in the best way possible.

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