A Virtual Number for SMS – Looks More Personal Than Promotional

There is no doubt that SMS services have become one of the most interesting, important and effective methods to keep the customers informed and attract them to business. But keep in mind that you are not the only one to send SMS to your customer. Hence the SMS should not make them feel worthless and disturbed since this can result in the ignorance of the message from your message ID. There are some fantastic techniques to make the message to feel really worth and of importance. Here are them for you.

Make use of a virtual number

This is one of the best ways than using SMS IDs to make the message to look personal than promotional. These numbers are provided by the SMS companies as a part of SMS sending service at affordable rates. Virtual numbers are managed online to send SMS to single to a large group of people with a new identity. Most of the SMS IDs doesn’t support reply SMS and the customers are provided with an additional number for the purpose. But with a virtual number, customers can instantly reply their interest to the received message. Now you have the opportunity to get a free virtual number for sms for better management of SMS services.

Avoid repetition of same messages

This is where most of the businesses make the big mistake. Even though it is true that frequent messages can stamp the business name in the heart of customers, keep a reasonable gap in sending the messages. Avoid sending same messages several times in a day. This can result in the ignorance of message or to put a request to stop promotional messages with their telecom service provider. Hence keep a gap of at least one or two days if you send the same messages. If your message sounds good, the customer will save the virtual numbers to give priority to your messages.

Short and cute

Create short and cute promotional messages when sending them with the virtual number. This makes the customer feel like a personal message sent by a friend or relative. Keep simple words and make it to the point. Use phrases like ‘Exclusive offers only for you’, ‘Your benefit expires soon’, ‘Weekend offers for you’, ‘Discount coupons for you’ etc. It is a good idea make use of the word ‘you’ to make the message look personal for the customer. Now reputes SMS companies also provide excellent SMS templates to create stunning messages.

Better management of SMS portal

Now virtual number SMS services are used by almost all of the sectors including schools to reputed business establishments. This is the best way to keep countless numbers of customers informed about the activities and events within seconds. It is really hard to find out any other means to reach the targeted people so fast than SMS services. SMS management looks to be so efficient with virtual numbers. You can easily manage the SMS send and received with the virtual number online to assure instant response to the inquiries and orders from the customers.

Now buy a virtual number for sms from the reputed SMS company in the country to engage in smart bulk SMS services from your own SMS gateway.

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