ACCA – Do You Know the basics?

What is ACCA?

ACCA standsfor Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. ACCA is one of the world’s biggest body in the professional field of Chartered Accountants. It offers the most relevant and best qualification in Chartered Accountancy. ACCA is for everyone! It means if you are a graduate, an ambitious school leaver, a member and student of AAT, an experienced professional,or a career changer, then you can take up the ACCA coaching. With this, you will be able to get work across different sectors from accounting to finance to taxation to auditing and so on.But you will be thinking of the amount you can earn, then make a wow face as it is €100,000 and above!

So, are you eager to do the ACCA training?

Why Choose ACCA?

The first question which comes in the mind is why should one go for ACCA coaching? It is so because the ACCA qualification is acknowledged all across the world. Also, it is treated as an equivalent to the local level accountancy studies. ACCA Qualification gives the student, a number of reasons to learn this course, like it is Flexible, Comprehensive Qualification, Cost Effective, Truly Global and is based on International Standards.

Where to go?

Where to start from, is the next big task if you want to do ACCA. The answer is at Rachnoutsav Academy, Hyderabad, India. ACCAcertification at Rachnoutsav Academy provides the best platform to learn and apply the things properly and thoroughly. Also, Rachnoutsav Academy is providing the opportunity of scholarships of worth2crores!

Apart from these Rachnoutsav Academy, also offer certification in SSC, IBPS, and CIMA along with the 3-years degrees traditional courses like B.COM and BBA. It offers the best courses for the students.

If you are in Hyderabad and wants to learn about the ACCA, then it is best offered and delivered at the Rachnoutsav Academy. There are 3 simple steps for taking admission into Rachnoutsav Academy, which is as follows:

  1. Career Guidance- In this, if you are up for some other courses apart from ACCA, then experienced counsellors of the academy give you the best advice according to your qualification, background, and need. You will have all days in a week to visit the counsellors in the working hours, i.e., between 9 am to 6 pm. That’s how our Rachnoutsav Academy is unique because of its working ethics and services for its students
  2. After selecting your desired course, registration is done. After registration, an Aptitude and Creativity evaluation test is conducted and they are judged on their skills of coping up with different modules in the various courses. For students, the ACCA exam centre Hyderabad is where they give their tests and can try to avail the scholarship.
  3. After this, the eligible students can take admission at Rachnoutsav Academy after the results are published.

The ACCA training Hyderabad will be the venue where students will get their training for their ACCA course. And thus, a journey with Rachnoutsav Academy will begin.

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