The advantage of having the solar tubes Ireland

Having your home fitted with the latest appliances is a trend followed by many. Irrespective of the fact that you might be needing it in your daily life you keep buying the latest ones.

Now, do these appliances last long?

Can you buy it and let it be on its own?

You need to give it a thought. There do exist such appliances which derive their power from natural resources.

The skyrocketing electric bills have made us run back to our roots and depend on our natural resources. Some companies manufacture products that help us to use natural resources to our advantage. These are known as solutions from renewable energy sources.

The solar tubes Ireland is one such product which can convert solar energy into heat for storing hot water in an insulated cylinder. This solar tubes thermal collector has been known as evacuated tubes or flat plate collector. The solar tubes are well suited to Ireland’s weather conditions and very cost-effective as well. The tubes form an alternative energy source providing you with the yearlong supply of hot water.

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What is a solar tube collector?

The evacuated solar tube collector converts the solar energy from the sun into heat in a solar water heating system which can be used for domestic or commercial hot water heating purposes. The tube collectors are available in various sizes to suit your requirements. It also works efficiently even in overcast conditions when the sunlight is very low.

It consists of an array of glass tubes fused with vacuum in it to prevent heat loss. It works on the lines of a glass hot water flask used to keep water hot in it. Under each solar tube, there is a coating of a selective surface that absorbs solar energy and prevents heat loss. It also stops conductive and convective heat loss.

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Mounting of the solar tube collector

Roof Mount: It can be placed on the roof slate or tile with the help of a mounting kit. This is one of the most common methods used.

Ground Mount: It can be placed in a frame on a concrete slab on the ground at an approximate angle of 45 degrees to the surface level. This is done when the slope of the roof is not appropriate for mounting or when there is lack of space to place the unit.

Wall Mount: Here it is placed on a south-facing wall at a 45 degrees angle. The solar tubes are mounted on a frame which is riveted to the wall.

The running cost of solar tubes is almost negligible. The lifespan of solar heaters is very long as it consists of non-degradable aluminum parts. The only likely part to undergo wear and tear is the circulation pump which can typically last for around 10 to 15 years.

Key Features

  • Provides high heat efficiency as it consists of an excellent absorber coating.
  • It can collect heat effectively even in overcast conditions and usually work below -30 degrees also.
  • There is no accumulation of water in the vacuum tube because of which it can prevent lowering of heat efficiency.
  • The system usually operates even if a tube is damaged as each of the tubes can work independently.

The advantages of solar tubes Ireland are many and are also cost-effective which makes it the right choice to be part of any household or commercial use as well as for a greener planet.

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