The significance of the Arabic language for Muslims everywhere throughout the world is obvious to the point that it is not really important to give any implausible contention for anticipating it.

 Along these lines, the two fundamental wellsprings of Islam, the Holy Quran, and the Sunnah, are accessible in the Arabic language.

Arabic Language

Significance Of The Arabic Language

The significance of the Arabic language in advancing solidarity and fellowship in the Muslim world has dependably been definitely felt and worried by genuine and upright Muslim pioneers. They have likewise advised individuals about the significance of the Arabic language for the Muslims and have additionally cautioned against the foes of Islam, especially the Western colonialists, who extremely dynamic in occupying the Muslim personality from the Arabic language and charming it to the bogus excitement of different languages. They have been doing by dint of the political influence, which they have held over Muslim terrains for an extensive period. In specific cases, these political powers even prevailing with regards to prevailing upon the Muslims to surrender the Arabic Script for the Roman content.

Language in Holy Quran

Understanding the gravity of the circumstance and foreseeing the immense damage that should be possible to the Muslim culture, civilization and the Muslim confidence itself, the well-wishers of Islam raised their voices against this natural peril and admonished the Muslims of the world to embrace Arabic as their regular language. It is, therefore, the obligation of each Muslim to learn Arabic language with the goal that he might have the capacity to comprehend the Holy Quran, the Sunnah and other writing on religious subjects accessible in the Arabic language.

Allah has directed all adherents to comprehend and think about the Holy Quran. In what manner can a man consider on the Holy Quran unless he comprehends the significance of the verses of the Holy Quran, and for this understanding, it is imperative for him to learn the Arabic language.

The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is a living supernatural occurrence of Allah related with Prophet Mohammad (peace arrive). It is extraordinary in the excellence of its lingual authority, articulation, and persuasiveness. It has a song and orchestra of its own that moved to tears even the most cold-blooded adversaries of Islam. To confirm the reality of this announcement, let one review the occasion of acknowledgment of Islam by Hazrat Umar. It is a Muslim’s obligation to qualify himself to have the capacity to encounter this one of a kind phenomenal qualification of the Holy Quran. This again requires a careful learning of the Arabic language.

Notwithstanding the numerous admonishments in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah requesting that the Believers learn and instruct the Book of Allah, there is another sign in Allah’s plan of things that keeping in mind the end goal to protect the Divine Book truly unadulterated and unaltered till the Day of Judgment, the devotees ought to be given office to learn the Arabic language with no deterrent. It is another reasonable wonder that Allah has in His effortlessness secured the language of the Holy Quran from experiencing any exceptional changes amid the most recent fourteen centuries. This is a period adequate for a language to fall into neglect and turn out to be dead or if nothing else change so definitely that it is exceptionally hard to comprehend it without the direction of a specialist.

The Arabic Language

The Arabic language has been protected from such changes and will remain so till the Day of Judgment. The whole non-Muslim world is endeavoring hard to antagonize the Muslims from their religion and culture and they realize that the best method to accomplish this detestable goal is to debilitate and at last separate, the connection of the Muslims from the Arabic language. The counter effort made in this regard by Muslim nations or Muslim relationship in their individual limits won’t be powerful.

This imperative issue must be examined and handled on the universal forum. They ought to have branches spread all through the Muslim dominant part and minority nations to present a typical syllabus for instructing the Arabic language via prepared instructors and to set up the essential hardware to administer, facilitate and advance the educating programs.

The duty of the Arabic talking nations for propelling and working these projects is significantly more prominent and they ought to, therefore, advance forward to assume their due part in this vital field without advance loss of time.

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