Basics of VOIP Phone System & Its Advantages & Applications

Do you know what is VOIP? No, I was expecting it.

Ok, do you know what is Skype? I can guess your answer, yes, of course.

You will be surprised to know that skype works on VOIP technology i.e. voice over internet protocol.

Before I jump to the VOIP technology advantages and applications, let me first brief you what exactly VOIP is.

Think for what purpose skype is designed for? For making voice and video calls on the internet.

Have you wondered how it is possible to make calls using the internet? The answer is VOIP.

VOIP is a technology that transforms Analog audio signals to Digital data that can be transmitted using the internet.

And guess what? VoIP has a number of advantages and applications over the traditional phone system. Yes, I am serious.

Working as a technical officer and assisting customers with new technologies, the experience has led me to classify different advantages and applications of VOIP phone system.

After reading this blog, I guarantee that you will definitely say why the hell you haven’t used VOIP phone system yet?

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Here in this blog, I am sharing with you the incredible advantages and applications of VOIP system.


Low-Cost Calls

Who doesn’t like making cheap calls? And the excitement gets double when the calls are international.

Yes, believe me, now you can make international calls at very low rate by using VOIP phone system.

Skype is the most popular example in front of you. What else could you wish for?

High Voice Quality

“I was calling one of my known person internationally but the voice was very poor. It was breaking throughout the call”.

How many of you have confronted people complaining about poor voice quality on international calls? Me too.

Switch to VOIP phone system and see the difference between the voice quality.

Call from Anywhere Anytime

Now no more waiting to reach your traditional phone in home to make long distance call.

Using VOIP phone system, you can make call from anywhere anytime, even on beach 😉

All you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

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Do you own a business with lot of international clients? If yes, then you have to make calls to your clients on daily basis.

I can imagine the huge phone bills you have to pay☹

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Switch to VOIP phone system and make calls to your clients as much as you require without worrying about the cost.

And I should not miss here, these VOIP phone systems can be easily integrated with business applications like CRM, call center software etc.

So, now no more fussing on expensive international calls. Use VOIP technology and meet your business goals while remaining in your budget.

Plus, your employees can work from home or during travel. This will enhance your business productivity drastically.

Allowing your team members to do business operations from anywhere anytime is win-win for both.

Employees can personalize their schedule and work hard to bring the results and business profitability will increase, this makes business owners enjoy best of both the worlds.

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“We are sending our son out of country for higher studies but I am worried how we will communicate with him daily”. I was traveling in a train when I heard a woman of around 50 saying these lines to her co-passenger.

This is strange people are still unaware where technology has reached now. Isn’t it sad?

I went to her and briefed her the entire VOIP session and how she can talk to her son daily without spending bucks.

She was happy after knowing about VOIP phone system and thanked me for the information.

If you also wish to talk to your loved one somewhere in foreign country, go get VOIP phone system now and talk to your special ones as much as you desire.

Here are few advantages and applications of VOIP phone system you should know about.

What are you saying? Make your pitch a bit high! Yeah, it’s time to ditch the traditional phone 😊 I told you, you will say that after reading this blog.

So, now when you are convinced to switch to VOIP phone systems, search for VOIP solutions providers online, analyze each and every aspect carefully and place order.

I would love to hear from you. Share your experience with VOIP phone system.

Don’t forget to post a comment and tell me how you like this blog.

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