Chat With Robot A Unique Invention

Technology is reaching towards the highest convenience level of the people. Artificial Intelligence is another level of advancement that is done in the technology segment. Artificial Intelligence can be done and used for analyzing of data. The same data if analyzed by human intelligence will take a lot of time and efforts. AI works within a time record which is impossible for human beings to break. Also AI system is accurate and its accuracy can be said to be more than the human analyzing quality.

A segment of Artificial Intelligence is chatbot. Chatbot is basically an acronym for chat robot. This is a part of Artificial Intelligence. As the name suggest chat robot means chat with a robot. There are many sites online that have an inbuilt messaging system and that is basically meant to help the customer who visit online. That chat with the customer/ person visiting the site is done by the robot. This is a good use of technology for making it more convenient to tell about a company or its product all by a robot. There are some top chatbot development companies that make chatbot part of their website or application and even products. There are many chatbots that are available online on different websites. There are many benefits to have a chatbot. Some of them are as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction: Chatbot acts as a perfect guide for the customers. If they have any query they can ask to chatbot and clear their doubt. The best part of chatbot is that it is available 24*7 so even if the query arises late in the evening or at night there is no need to wait till the morning for calling the office. Customer can go and chat with chatbot anytime.
  • Increase in the customer base: The customer base for the company increases as the role of chatbot is to guide the customer or prospective customers to the right direction and tell them everything they want to know about a product.
  • Save time of customers: Usually if a humans chatting he will need to type the message to clear the query of the customer. But if chatbot is present there is automated generated message so the customer can get the answer instantly and they don’t need to wait long.
  • Saves company costs: After the initial investment of the chatbot, the cost of the company gets reduced because they don’t need to hire officials who will work and clear their query. This work is done automatically with the help of chatbot through Artificial Intelligence.
  • Error Cut down: This is a simple concept that machine will have less chance of performing an error as compared to the errors made by a human worker for the same task.

The chatbot companies are working a lot to update and make necessary changes if necessary. This also requires changes in the software as soon as they encounter any bugs. Chat with robot concept has helped a lot of companies and customers around the world.

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