A Check List For Office Cleaning Services You Must Have

Just imagine that your office is all messed up with filthy floors, stained windows, and overflowing trash bins. I am sure you won’t like that.

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Meanwhile, your client comes to visit the premises. How it makes you feel? Undoubtedly, this not only humiliates you but can put a negative impact on your business. You won’t be able to retain or maintain a long time relationship with the clients.

Though, it is something confounding to clean the office premises on your own. Thus, the office owners prefer to employ office cleaning companies to avail quality office cleaning service. Here, I have compiled this post incorporating a checklist that will guide and aid you to retain a healthy, tidy and hygienic environment.

Now let’s have a look at the below-stated check list and get benefited –


This is the first and important thing to consider for every visit of office cleaner. Every trash receptacle accommodated in the premises should be emptied on a daily basis. The overflowing trash reflects the perception and creates a negative image.

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Therefore, emptying dust bin or trash can must be at the top in the checklist. Apart from this, the cooperation of staff members and employee is also necessary. You should ask them not to pour eatables and liquid in the trash bin or bags and contribute to improvise the hygienic environment of the office. Many times the residuals stay retained in the bag even after emptying.

Also, you should instruct the office cleaners for changing the trash bag daily. Sometimes, it can be overlooked only in lack of eatable and liquids. This practice ensures elimination of foul smells and brings a pleasing environment to enjoy.


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Bathrooms are the most sensitive place that demands extra attention for cleaning. By doing so, you will not only express the respect and care to for your customers but reflects your lifestyle also. So, always be aware that during every visit of office cleaning, the bathrooms are being cleaned or not. However, below is a checklist to be followed by bathroom cleaners.

  • Make sure that bathrooms are always swept and washed.
  • Every sinks, mirrors, counter, and toilet should be dusted and cleaned thoroughly. Employing disinfectant and cleaning solution will be appreciating.
  • You are also supposed to assure all urinal are cleaned, and urinal deodorizer is placed as well as toilets are also disinfected with a deodorizer.
  • Use air refresher to keep the bathroom refreshed leaving a pleasing scent to sense.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom. For this, an exhaust fan works better.


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In addition to regular office cleaning services, which is not effective to kill pathogens and sanitize the premises, it is also necessary to deliver attention towards sanitization. For this practice, you should ask the office cleaning company to use effective disinfectant.

Generally, one infected employee can impact your entire workforce, which can affect the production and performance. Therefore, adding an effective disinfectant or antimicrobial kills the pathogens and microbial agents like E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella, Listeria and many others that cause a variety of disease.


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Another component in your office premises that sits on the checklist are windows. The presence of stain marks and fingerprints on the glass of windows and door may diminish the look and appearance of your office.

These are the first things to interact with customers and clients. When they would be cleaned, deliver a positive impact and ensure your facilities and services retain a clean and professional appearance. Also, this can open the possibilities to maintain a client for a long time and earn regular customers.

Vacuum or Sweep

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Keeping the floors of the office premises and workstations tidy and clean is very important and demand an extra care. This practice is highly important to build a hygienic environment and stay healthy for everyone. When debris, dirt, and trash are accumulated on the floor, it will make the employees less interested and affect their performance of work and production.

Also, unclean environment invites allergens and pathogens to grow and can influence the health of every employee. So, you should ensure that the entire floor surfaces of the office premises receive vacuum and sweeping and other necessary practices. Never forget to instruct office cleaner to use a disinfectant with mopping.


After going through the most essential places of cleaning that sits at the top in the checklist. You should never compromise in any practice for such places. Also, to make your assist here, I am going to present a list of work that must be carried out every day on a daily basis. So, let’s have a look over this.

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  • Empty and transfer the waste receptacles as well as replace the liners. Wash waste container if required.
  • All mats and carpet of every place, as well as hard floors, should be vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Apply proper dusting to surfaces of chairs, tables, desks, and others.
  • Clean damp surfaces of the wall, floor, furniture, ceiling, with an effective disinfectant.
  • Use disinfectant for all hard floors’ moping.
  • Remove cobweb from the entire premises and surrounding area including, ceiling corner, hidden part of furniture and etc.
  • Wipe out the fingerprints and smudges embossed over the glass door, window, door frames, light switches and everywhere you found.
  • Clean the both side of glass doors and internal glass with effective cleaning solution.
  • Polish and dust the all incorporated brass and bright work on cabinets, furniture, reception table, doors and others.
  • Clear the front entrance from papers, bottles, garbage and other items.

Hopefully, this post will be literally highly valuable and fruitful for both office owners and cleaning Service Company. Many office holders identify the places and required services through this checklist and maintain a healthy work environment.

Therefore, from now employ the best office cleaning company for your office and avail the clean, tidy, sanitized and hygiene workplace for you and your employees. Undoubtedly, this will assist in boosting up the worker’s morale and eventually your business. Thus, if this post makes value to you; attempt your appreciating efforts to Like and Share.

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