Do’s and Don’ts of SEO – 2017

Who doesn’t want a top ranking in search engines? Business owners are always ready for an uphill battle to get a good ranking in search engines but sometimes despite all the efforts made, they get back to square one! This is due to the fact that the world of search engine optimisation keeps on changing.

From last few decades, SEO tactics and strategies have changed many times. Because of the Google’s commitment to improving the user experience to the highest, digital marketing agencies are always on a hunt of latest updates and changes.

See SEO like a one-on-one game between your website and the search engine. There are certain rules to play the game. If you follow the rules correctly, you will keep on moving levels up i.e. your Google ranking will improve!

It is very important to stay updated with the latest trends in SEO industry. With that in mind, you can take your website SEO ranking to the place where it should be.

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Working as an SEO specialist for more than fifteen years, the experience has led me to classify important Do’s and Don’ts of SEO for the year 2017.

Polish your website with these current changes before a Google update defames your ranking.

Here we go:

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Target Keywords with Long-length Content

Make your content revolve around the keywords! Focus on your keyword research. Keywords are the key elements to get your content found in millions of results. So, determine the keywords carefully!

Place the keywords in title as well as content. Don’t repeat keywords too many times, instead, use variations of your keywords. Remember, the title of your content is the first thing user will read, so the motto is to make it engaging!

Content should be long and specific to the area- make it simple but significant!

Focus on Images

Can I ask you a question, as a reader, what do you like – content with images or without? I guarantee that almost all of you will say with images. The reason why content fails to appeal the customer is that of lack of images.

The impact of images in a content whether it is web copy or a blog is tremendous. By looking at the images, reader connects to the content as a breeze! Don’t forget to use reference for the images.

Focus on Mobile-friendliness

It is an era of Mobile Applications! Plus, Google also loves the websites that are optimised for mobile. It is expected that in the year 2017, Google’s mobile-first index will extremely impact the SEO ranking. The websites that are optimised for mobile will be given priority than the ones that are not mobile friendly.

I hope you get my point. If your business website has not optimised for mobile yet, go for it now. Hurry!

Emphasis on User Behavioural Factors 

How Google calculates website SEO ranking? No one knows the exact formula used by Google but there are factors that play a very important role in this calculation.

These factors are user behavioural parameters such as bounce rate, unique content etc.  The content of your website should be simple, unique and engaging so that it appeals to the user and he/she should stay on your website for long.

Google relies on the user behaviour. If your customers are staying on your website for long period of time without clicking any other sites, that means your website is helpful to them and Google notices this user behaviour and improves your website ranking.

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Don’t Stuff Content with Keywords

Keywords are important but stuffing them too much can be a wrong move. Repetitive keywords in a content are very easy to find and it looks unnatural. When a reader finds stuffed keywords, the authenticity of content loses its charm. So, don’t overload your content with the same keyword.

Don’t Rely on Phrases

Making your content to the point is important than using a handful of catchy phrases. Most of the times, readers are interested in getting valuable information rather than admiring your creativity. So, don’t waste your time in using too much of phrases.

Don’t Flood Content with External Linking

Don’t use too many external links in your content. These outbound links make content look strange and difficult to read it which lead to high bounce rate. Google keep an eye on all this user behaviour and will bring your ranking down.

Use external links only when needed but don’t overload them.

Don’t Break the Rules

Let’s play fair! If you will break the rules and do cheating such as buying backlinks, using hidden links, then this will degrade your search ranking. Remember, search engines have become smarter than you think!

So, these are few important Do’s and Don’ts of SEO -2017.

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2017 seems to be a promising year for SEO experts. Follow these Do’s and Don’ts carefully and I guarantee you that these tips will surely move up your website’s SEO ranking.

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