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Have you ever panned your camera over the mountains, stunning vistas, or some other wide-sweeping landscape? Filming a movie scene or video to capture some landmark or general footage can be easily achieved with a drone camera. Of course, special effects in Hollywood style can be later mixed in the studios. Aerial photography is all about drone cameras panning over vast landscapes. Now videos can be captured with a remote-controlled drone, otherwise called an unmanned aerial vehicle by hobbyists and camera equipment.

A drone is a relatively small aircraft. This is operated by a pilot or can be remotely controlled as well. Military campaigns in the recent years have made increasing use of drones for warfare. But there is a viable market for them in the commercial arena.

Drone cameras and sensors have varied applications in Drone de photographie. Wedding photographers and videographers are two regular groups of people using aerial imaging. Surveyors are another set of people who use high-end cameras for filming. Drones can add a whole new dimension to your productions

If you are a professional who needs to cover outdoor shoots like sporting events, or market real estate, or inspect buildings or monitor crops, then do check out our tips before buying your equipment. If you are an amateur, it is necessary that you educate yourself on the airspace regulations of your country. While the smaller ones can be flown inside your drawing rooms, the bigger drones will jostle for space with commercial aircraft.


  1. All beginners drones are not necessarily cheap
  2. Battery life and flight time is still an issue
  3. Invading privacy will be an issue with everyone and they will complain about the same
  4. You need to practice well before venturing out for professional shooting
  5. Avoid flying over large crowds or altitudes


About Us


Horizon Drone was founded in 2015 by Tom Panettieri. Horizon Drone is Entreprise Suisse de drones specialising in the development of new technologies using drones for public and private use as well as in the field of realisation of aerial shots through photos and videos. Beginning its production activity based upon videos/photos in aerial shots, it has diversified into manufacturing and development of avalanche research drones (DRA). It allows the search of people under avalanche with efficiency. It is compact, fast, and accurate. Rescue parties scouring mountain ranges find it especially useful. It works with DVA technology, already available on the market, equipped on a drone that has been totally designed. We have developed two research techniques for optimal efficiency at localisations. With the remote control, we drop tracer tags, to be visible to the rescuers, at the detection location. Up to 12 tags can be set per intervention which is advantageous when a group of hikers or skiers have been taken away.

 All our products are certified Swiss Made and are fully guaranteed for quality, precision and satisfaction. We have a robust research and development team that is committed to developing state- of- the art drones to meet the needs of the ever evolving and discerning clientele. Our design team of experts take into account client expectations like the size of the drone, its power, its options etc. Taking a lead from your needs, we give out proposals to our clients.

Aerial shots are our speciality in addition to taking care of your photo and video services. Right from shooting the video to the footage on the final editing table, we listen to your needs and work to satisfy your desires. We adapt to your wishes for various requests such as weddings, events, shooting of buildings, sports events or others. It is also possible to broadcast images of the drone live and if available on a giant screen.

Below is a picture shot of our galley of pictures of classic formats of photography.

Check out online our range of latest drones that suit your personal or commercial purpose. We offer a repair service on the drones we sell, but also on commercial drones. We have a workshop with all you need to repair your “breakages”, the only one in the Jura-Bernese region.

Conventionally drone cameras were used as conventional equipment of shooting but with market modifications, they are being increasingly used for aerial photography as Prise de vue aérienne drone.

Modern day drones are fitted with latest GPS technology for flight control system. They can be made to standalone and hover in a fixed position while tracking an object and are highly manoeuvrable when needed. This can add an entirely new dimension to your productions features.

UAVs or drones are great equipment for any professional video or photo shoots. They are indeed great tools in video production. Yet, any handler must remember to know how to manage this mini aircraft which use the very sophisticated computer control system. It needs to be respected while handling and a lot of practice is a must have skill before testing waters. Also, legal considerations of commercial flying and licenses must be sought as this is still murky waters.  Swiss made drones from our company, Horizon Drone, is robustly capturing the market and creating a niche for its quality drones.

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