Every day we come across people, either at the workplace or in our personal lives, are caring and good listeners. They are cool and considerate offering the best solution to your problem. After meeting them, you usually feel more hopeful and optimistic. Psychologists term them as people with high EQ (emotional quotient) or emotional intelligence(EI). American Psychologist, Daniel Goleman, among others, fully developed the concept of Emotional Intelligence in the mid-1990s.  Simply defined” Emotional Intelligence is the measure of an individual’s abilities to recognize and manage their emotions, and the emotions of other people, both individually and in groups.”

Careerwise, emotional intelligence has come to occupy greater importance nowadays. Companies always give preference to people who have better abilities to manage people and relationships. These are basic leadership qualities and are greatly in demand on your personalities. Developing strong people skills are thus important.

Nowadays, companies and people at large understand the significance of EQ. Many people value it more than IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Let us see the major categories of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness – It is all about emotional awareness and self-confidence. These people are in full control of their emotions. They are intuitive and willing to take an honest look at themselves. Psychologists believe that this self-awareness is the most important part of emotional intelligence.
  • Self-Regulation – Is the ability to control emotions and impulses. Self-regulation means thoughtfulness, comfort with change, integrity, and the ability to say no.
  • Motivation – Motivated people are emotionally secure and can defer immediate results for long-term They accept challenges in an effective manner and are highly productive people.
  • Empathy – According to Psychologists, empathy is one of the most important emotions in people. Empathetic people have the ability to identify and understand the feelings, desires and emotions of others around them. These people are excellent at managing relationships, listening, and relating to others. They are more open and honest in their relationships. Most importantly, they do not stereotype and judge others.
  • Social Skills – People with good social skills are team players. They handle disputes in a better manner and are excellent communicators as well. They are excellent in building interpersonal


Let us examine the basic difference between:

High Emotional Intelligence                                          Low Emotional Intelligence


  • Assertive                                                                         Aggression
  • Ambitious                                                                      Demanding
  • Driving                                                                            Egoistical
  • Strong willed                                                                  Bossy
  • Decisive                                                                           Confrontational
  • Warm                                                                               Easily Distracted
  • Enthusiastic                                                                    Glib
  • Sociable                                                                            Poor Listener
  • Charming                                                                         Impulsive
  • Persuasive                                                                       Resistant to Change
  • Patient                                                                              Passive
  • Stable                                                                               Unresponsive
  • Predictable                                                                      Slow
  • Consistent                                                                       Stubborn
  • Good Listener                                                                Critical
  • Detailed                                                                           Picking
  • Careful                                                                             Fussy
  • Meticulous                                                                      Hard to please
  • Systematic
  • Perfectionistic
  • Neat

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence:

  • Reserve your judgement- Do not jump to conclusion. Do not stereotype. Be empathetic, more open and accepting.
  • Do not fish for compliments and accolades. Learn to appreciate others and be humble.
  • Self-evaluate your weaknesses. Have the courage to look at weaknesses objectively. Honesty can change your life.
  • Keep your emotions in control when things go wrong. The ability to stay calm and in control of the situation is a great quality.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. People are ever willing to forgive and forget things if you give an honest try.
  • Examine the consequences of your actions towards others. Hence, be careful with your behavior towards others.

Regular intelligence commonly measured as Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is generally considered as important for success in life. Yet, EQ is the key to unlocking your potential and achieving your goals. Nowadays, many companies use emotional intelligence testing to hire new staff.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

There are great benefits of Higher Emotional Intelligence:  

  • It is easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships and fit into group situations
  • Emotionally Intelligent people are good at managing stress and are less likely to be depressed
  • There is no correlation between IQ and EI scores- meaning academic brilliance and emotional intelligence are not always at the same plane
  • While some people have both emotional intelligence and high IQs there are other people who do not score well on one of them or even both.
  • Research has proven that people with higher Emotional Intelligence enjoy more satisfying and successful careers and relationships.

Developing soft skills is a way to enhance your EQ. This is part of the human psyche that can be developed and improved upon by learning and practising new skills. This makes the person more charismatic, interesting and attractive to others. It will boost your self-esteem considerably benefiting your career as well.

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