How to Establish Your Own Office Cleaning Services?

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is undoubtedly a need and is liked by everyone. Isn’t it?

But do you know, apart from delivering a healthy and fresh aura in a facility like an office, school, medical and other places that keeps you energetic and refreshed, it also leads to employment for yourself and other people.

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This post is going to benefit all those people who are conscious of cleaning and hygiene as well as looking forward to earning a profit and helping others too for earning their livelihood. By comprehending the broad scope of commercial cleaning, I have penned down this post towards office cleaning and office cleaning services.

Before we move ahead to explore out the aspects of starting office cleaning company, you should know that you can’t-do it alone. You will require a team of certain experienced professional who must have experience in particular job. No matter you are not experienced in cleaning but skills of leadership, operation and managing team is essential.

Now, take your time to go through the post and explore how you can set up your own business and cater the best quality of cleaning services and how to get contracts, how to fix price, etc.

Starting Office Cleaning Services –

  • First of all, you should determine the services you are going to offer. This includes mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting surfaces, and cleaning bathrooms. Also, the clients may ask you or office cleaners for emptying trash cans, cleaning carpets and floor washing, etc.
  • Map a business plan comprising the services you are going to offer and avoid to overlook the ways you will bring customers to your agency.
  • Estimate startup costs and expenses on marketing, equipment, workforce,
  • If your business demands authorization, look out to procure the license or registration certificate for your cleaning services company. To know about the application requirements, you can communicate with the business licensing or registration department of your area.

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  • You will be required to obtain insurance for your business that must cover the liability of loss or damage caused by your cleaning services business.
  • Now, the time comes to make purchasing for your cleaning business. The products, supplies, and equipment you will be required to buy a vacuum cleaner, bucket with a wringer, broom, mop, dusting cloths, sponges, and distinct category of disinfectants, and cleaners. If you intend to cater power-wash floors or carpet cleaning, then you will require purchasing of power-washer and carpet cleaner too.
  • As per your requirement hire employees for your commercial cleaning services. Initially, you may suppose to work yourself or hire an assistant. With growing business in future, you can hire the team of cleaners. You should take a consent from your employee to check their background through the local police station.

Once you accomplished the pre-required task or preparation get over, go ahead to cut the red ribbon of your cleaning services company. After that, the next thing that requires your consideration is how to price the cleaning services. So, be assisted with the points listed below –

Determining the Price of Cleaning Services

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  • Before determining the pricing of cleaning service, firstly you should analyze and evaluate the client’s premises and requirement of services. Also, you should not forget to include the labor and other costs of cleaning.
  • The cost of cleaning services is usually based on hourly basis. This cost should be a standard value you will offer to the clients. To determine the labor charge per hour, you should take an average wage for the cleaners, payroll, labor costs and taxes into consideration.
  • While determining the price for cleaning, you can’t stick to one rule. In the context of a small company, you can fix by the different way like flat charges or hourly based. On the other hand, in case of the large company either you may consider for hourly basis or a monthly contract basis. You can opt to get ahead with that suits your precisely.

However, after going through this section, the time has come that I should articulate about some marketing strategies to receive a contract. So, stay with this post to know –

Winning the Contracts for Your Office Cleaning

  • To win contracts of cleaning, you can employ either online marketing or traditional method or both to transform your services sound in the market.
  • To put your cleaning services on sale and keep on proliferating, first try to identify the target market and potential clients that can be small businesses, referrals, etc. Also, you can go with a consistent pricing method and ensure the services you can offer in a contract package.
  • It will be ever a good practice to provide the online presence of your business. The motive behind this can be providing updated, useful and trustworthy information about potential or existing customers.

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  • You can employ social media sites like Facebook to share news, articles, and videos about your services to reach out to potential customers.
  • You can explore opportunities through the traditional method of networking through being a part of charitable and social events as well as of local business. Also, you can convince your customer for reference or fellow business to avail your services.
  • Also, ask for testimonials that you can post on your social media page or website that reflects a trustworthy and genuine cleaning services. For instance, office & Building cleaning in Melbourne employ online marketing, generating leads through promotion and advertising, networking and referrals, which is a significant part of winning office cleaning contract.

However, these are some exemplary aspects of following that contribute to establishing your office cleaning services as well as put this on growth. Hopefully, you all would like this post and keep on sharing to make other people benefited.

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