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As the political boundaries of the countries are getting blurred with easier emigration and immigration policies, high net worth individuals are always on the lookout for the second residence to another country or even dual nationalities. This is not only a hot topic of interest but an individual choice for many people across nationalities.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment

There are many benefits of alternative citizenship. Let us learn about them.

  1. Freedom and Security

Increasing need for freedom & security, and permit to reside, can be achieved through a Residence by Investment solution in many countries. This permit is granted to any person regardless of the region he hails from. Individuals appreciate the benefits that accrue such as free travel, personal independence, tax planning and security. Of course, there are many benefits of owning more than one passport.

  1. Safe Travel

Tedious visa formalities are natural hindrances to free travels without prior planning. Citizens of Industrialised nations of the world sometimes become cynosure in the eyes of people of lesser developed countries. These high net worth individuals gain anonymity and safety posing as citizens of a small country. They are able to protect the interests of their families and themselves better. With the introduction of Schengen visa, by acquiring a residence permit in one Schengen state, people benefit because they can move freely within the Schengen states and travel without hindrances. Complicated visa procedures no longer apply which bestows freedom of travel. However, one must remember that having passports of certain countries opens the door to a clearly higher level of travel comfort and convenience. Certain passports enjoy additional privileges, like not requiring visas, or visas are simplified and even issued for longer periods of time. Citizenship travel options are opened with acquiring domicile rights to other countries. There are few or no visa restrictions.

  1. Choice of a safe Domicile

If ever, there is war, unrest or instability in the native country, additional passport of another smaller country will give you the independence to flee to the other country without further formalities or obstacles. Since, citizenship laws do not permit a person to become stateless, acquiring citizenship by investment is a safe and quick way to forego one’s native nationality. People from strife-torn areas are increasingly taking recourse to this method to flee unrest in their native land.

  1. Freedom from Tax

People with high net worth are prosperous individuals and like to take advantage of freedom from paying certain taxes. Additional citizenship can simplify the tax situation of a person. Experts must be consulted regarding the same. Giving up passport is personal and tax gains are well-known reasons. residence by Investment offers a quick and secure way to attain such an alternative citizenship.

  1. Exploiting business opportunities

By acquiring citizenship by investment, a person can float a company in one’s own name without having to involve third parties. Entrepreneurs will save cost and money by entering the market of their chosen countries without many hassles.

  1. Investment opportunity

With world shrinking into a global village, and greater economic & political instability, permit of residence in a secure country is like a safe haven. High net worth individuals are always on the lookout for tax havens as well as a safe place of residence. Since no further administrative formalities will be required, change of residence becomes convenient with residence by investment.

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More people are looking for opportunities of the second home in comparatively lesser known countries to lead anonymous and relaxed life. Greater business opportunities as well as homes to unwind carefreely are goals to be achieved. We offer Citizenship Programs and Passports to countries like Cyprus, Grenada or Malta. The program offers visa-free travel opportunities to many countries as well as opportunities to invest in real estate in these nation states. Consult with the Leader in Residence and Citizenship Planning.

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