How to get a job using your skills from AutoDesk

Autodesk is a leading software producer for drafting and designing 2D and 3D technical drawings that are being used right from students and teachers at the school level for various projects to professionals in the fields of civil construction, architecture and even in the widely expanding world of entertainment. Autodesk software is extensively being used in innovation and designing in construction, toy industry, architecture, microchips, electrical and plumbing, car designing and in many other fields where the creative left brain merged with the mathematical and analytical right brain of an individual to create wonders. AutoCAD is the most popular CADD software with the highest job market demand. The market is full of employees who are in the lookout for skilled, AutoCAD certified people and here we enlist a few jobs where one can use the skills from Autodesk:

  1. CAD, (computer-aided design drawers) or CADD (computer-aided design and drafting operators) prepare diagrams for electronics, construction, architecture, and mechanical fields. There are many opportunities for drafters with a two-year degree course in CADD. They are in high demand as:
  • Electrical drafters who lay out wiring setups.
  • Aeronautical drafter who create drawings giving the engineering details of air crafts, missiles, etc
  • Mechanical drafter who gives the specifications of machines and mechanical devices giving details of their dimensions etc for manufacturing units.
  • Civil drafters, create topography and relief maps for civil engineers working on projects related to roads, bridges, highways, sewage systems, etc
  • Architectural drafters, make drawings used for the construction of buildings.
  • Process drafters work on drawings used for oil and gas refineries, piping systems and chemical plants.
  • Electronic drafters, create drawings used in building and repair of assembly boards of all electronic devices.

Drafters also have the option of perusing a 4-year degree course to enter the job market as senior drafters, supervisors or designers in various fields mentioned above.

  1. 3dsMax and Maya professionals prepare 3D computer graphics for making animations, models, games, and images. Maya is a better tool for animation while 3DsMax works better for modeling, texturing and meshing models. Professionals in this field are in high demand with video game developers, TV commercial studios architectural visualization studios and in Movies to give special effects and for pre-visualization.
  2. Inventor certified professionals work with the software for integrating motion simulations and assembly stress, frictional and other loads to analyze how the product will work in a real-life situation. This enables manufacturers of automobiles and automotive components and devices to optimize the strength and weight of a product, identify high-stress areas, reduce vibrations and size the automobiles to reduce their energy consumption. Professionals in this field readily get absorbed in all automobiles and manufacturing units.
  3. Revit and BIM 360 professionals with skills of working on Revit can use the software to design, simulate, visualize and collaborate to capitalize on the data stored in BIM. Using BIM a designer working on a model with Revit can predict how a change in the building will affect the other features. The professionals in this field are in high demand in architecture and construction works.
  4. Alias (formerly Alias studio tools) professionals can work with Automobile and industrial designing wings to create a smooth and a finished surface using Bézier and NURBS modeling methods. Many furniture designing establishments are also using their services.
  5. Many drafting designing centers and institutes offer AutoCAD training and online AutoCAD training. It would be worthwhile for engineers, Architects, and drafters to avail these services and get AutoCAD certification or AutoCAD online certification to add a boosting lead towards their competitors in the field. AutoCAD training cost and the AutoCAD certification cost would differ in various geographical regions but the overall benefits would surely surpass the initial economic and physical hurdles.

Any online job database like indeed, job carrier, job monster, career jet would give you the list of available jobs in the market by filling in AutoCAD or drafting or any other certification that you have acquired. You can then refine your search by feeding in the preferred location, salary, etc. There are many careers available across engineering, architecture and design sectors. It all ultimately depends on how much you can work on your education and what field you is interested in. Autodesk gives a wide choice and opportunities for you in the market. You need to do your research thoroughly and decide on your certification/training course as per your field of interest. As the market evolves so does the Autodesk software keep changing in the market & if you are interested you could also take a plunge in freelancing with your skills and Autodesk Certification in the relevant field.

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