Glance At the Myths and Facts about Carpet Cleaning

As a homeowner, you may vacuum clean your sofa and carpets and curtains. But that doesn’t give systematic cleaning and the dust mites and virus that are stuck within the fibers of the upholstery can cause a mess to the health of your family members. Studies have shown that when the interior parts are not properly cleaned, it can lead to a fast deterioration of the fabric quality and reduces their longevity to a considerable extent. Apart from these, there are some myths and facts about carpet cleaning that you must know.

Myth 1: If the carpet is just only one year old, then you will not have to get it cleaned.

Fact: Many individuals are of the opinion that their carpets do not need professional cleaning if it doesn’t appear to be dirty. But when the carpet is visibly dirty, then it is much damaged which could be beyond repair even by the best home carpet cleaner. You will be surprised to know that the dirt which is not possible to see by naked eyes causes the maximum amount of damage. The dirt present deep within the carpet only contributes to destroying it. It will be difficult to remove the deep-seated dirt in the carpet by simply vacuuming it.

Myth 2: Regular vacuum cleaning is not a necessity.

Fact: You might have heard that cleaning and vacuuming the carpet once in a week is more than enough. But this decision is definitely out of date. Experts and the best home carpet cleaner recommends that vacuuming the carpet daily or once in two days can prevent dirt and grits from building up in the carpet. Moreover, it also decreases the number of indoor pollutants. Also, when you vacuum the carpet at regular intervals, it can add many years to your carpet.

Myth 3: When the office cleaning services or best carpet steam cleaner cleans your carpet, it will shrink down.

Fact: Your carpet will never shrink unless it is not properly dried. This is the reason why it is important to have a professional service provider for cleaning the carpet. An expert can make sure that the carpet is properly dried so that it doesn’t shrink.

Myth 4: The best carpet cleaning services San Diego care not needed when you are able to use professional products and machinery.

Fact: The products and equipment that you can access in a store are quite different from the ones used by professional carpet cleaners. The cleansers that buy from the store contain harmful chemicals which may cause irreparable damage to the carpet as well as the health of the people indoors. Moreover, these products may fail to offer the desired results. It has been found that about 33 percent of people who use these products end up damaging the shine and the bright colors of their carpets.

No matter whether your carpet or upholstery has suffered from water damage or discoloration ore requires regular cleaning, professional cleaners or best carpet steam cleaner can go a long way in protecting what’s best for your belongings.


The grave mistake that we make with our carpet is to wait until the carpets give away foul smell or till the dirt is visible on the surface. But when you notice these, your carpet has been gathered a lot of bacteria and viruses along with dirt. So, you should get your important investment cared for by an experienced, skillful and the best home carpet cleaner once in a year so that it keeps on serving you for many years to come.

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