Why is it good to store food in a glass lunch box?

Whether it’s in the motivating spirit of the lately gone world environment day or part of your monthly cleaning routine, there is no time like today to take the plunge and swap your plastic food storage with glass lunch box.

Once you make the change, then there will definitely be no looking back for you!

You no longer have to deal with the never-ending problems that come with a plastic container in your kitchen cabinet, from getting distorted, cracked, and spotted. The only way to avoid replacing food container every so often is to make a smart change to the glass container.

Why glass food containers are considered to better from the health point of you and for our Mother Earth?

It goes without saying that the best material available in the market for storing food is none other than GLASS. It’s uncontaminated, most naturally occurring and substantially biodegradable material.

These days, many companies have come up with premium quality borosilicate glass lunch box– which more resistant to thermal shock and extremely resistant to chemicals in the corrosive atmosphere than regular glass. Apart from this, it is impervious and non-porous which means this type of glass doesn’t pass on any tints or chemicals into food.

glass lunch box

The reality is that plastic food storage containers do come with short span of life. It’s only a matter of time before they get dented, yellowed, or distorted, which is also when the chemicals begin to leach out and seep into your food. Sadly, most plastic food storage containers come to pass in landfills, even the ones which are being recycled. If you are still not convinced, here are some surprising reasons why it is now high to make a switch to glass food storage containers and dumping plastic ones.

Let’s have a look at some of the surprising benefits of using glass lunch box.

You can warm your food in the glass lunch box. No need to wait!

You don’t have to transfer food in other containers to heat up your food, simply transfer it in the glass food container in a matter of no time. On the other hand, it is not good to heat food in plastic food containers.

Odor resistant

Unlike plastic food containers, glass made containers don’t leave a bad smell, as well as, leach toxins including phthalate, vinyl, and polystyrene in the food.

Microwave and freezer safe

The borosilicate glass food containers usually microwave and freezer safe which makes them break-resistant. You can heat up your food and even store in the freezer without any tension of breakage which may not be the case in plastic food containers.

Your food tastes delicious and fresh it’s supposed to

One of the best advantages of taking your own glass lunch box to work or giving a packed food to your kids is that it retains the freshness of the food for long hours.

Want to eat more nutrition-rich food and stay healthy in the long-run? Switch to glass lunch box now!

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