Hassle-Free Midmark M11 Autoclave and M11 Ultraclave

An autoclave is an integral component of any health care industry. It is responsible for the sterilizing and disinfecting the articles that tend to be reused. Before reusing, it is taken care to fully clean and sterilized at high temperature so that all the harmful effects are cleared off.

There are different types of autoclave in the market with different specifications and price. You can pick and select user-friendly one as well as pocket-friendly. Small units can go for the simple version but large establishments should opt for the automated large machine which can manage on its own once the program is set.

Today we will talk about the two automated autoclaves; Midmark M11 Autoclave and M11 Ultraclave, one of the best-automated sterilizers of Midmark Corporation.

Midmark Corporation sells both new and refurbished sterilizers, you can opt any as per your needs and choice.

Midmark has different brands of autoclave and ultracave but M11 autoclave and M11 ultracave are more pronounced in the market and people trust Midmark brand for the sterilizers.

Midmark M11 Autoclave

Midmark M11 autoclave is an automated desktop sterilizer with a large capacity to hold unwrapped, wrapped, labeled and pouches and bags to sterilize immaculately freeing from any odor, bacteria, dermis, tissues, etc.

M11 autoclave is fully automated sterilizer with an LCD panel which guides you to select the process and the machine starts to complete the process. Different time schedules are set in for different process, such as hot, cold, dry, and wet, etc. just press the start button and the process in order will begin and come to an end without any manual intervention.

Salient Features

  • Fully automated
  • LED displays which reflect the different cycles and the time taken for each cycle
  • A machine does not start if the door is not properly closed
  • A machine cycle will not begin if the required water level is not reached or there is some issue with the water supply
  • Water Level indicator
  • The water reservoir of large capacity
  • Two large and two small trays come with the unit

Midmark M11 autoclave is for medical, dental and veterinary health centers and it has found a remarkable place in this industry. The reviews of this product speak a lot about it.

Midmark M11 Ultraclave

Midmark M11 Ultraclave is a desktop general use chamber sterilizer. One of the best models and none can argue over it.


  • Midmark M11 Ultraclave is the market leader in the health care domain
  • Easy to handle, no worries, press the start button and move away. All will complete on its own, no need for human intervention
  • It has long longevity because it is a sturdy one and except for the door gasket, you don’t require to bother about other parts.
  • Prompt after-sale service and the prices are affordable, not skyrocketing. Repair costs are higher than a Tuttnauer but relatively less than a Statim.
  • Midmark service outlet is easily available and you can connect them in case of any breakdown in services. There is enough third party, provider of after-sales service and their charge is reasonable.
  • Since 2009, only refurbished M11 Ultraclave is reigning in the market and the people are readily buying because it is worth the expense incurred.


Midmark M11 Ultraclave is a heavy model and shipping at long distances can prove dangerous because it might wear out, hence better to buy from a local vendor.

The pros outweigh the cons and these two are a boon to the health care industry.

If you are in a plan to buy, go for these models and you will love your selection.

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