Holden Replacement Panels – Give a New Look to your Car

Holden, the leading car manufacturing automotive company in Australia, offers a wide range of vehicles for the crazy and passionate automobile lovers. It manufactures different types of vehicle including small cars, passenger vehicles, and SUVs. Every car’s body is made up of panels and in case, it is damaged or rusted, then replacement panels are essential.

Holden Replacement Panels:

If your vehicle has been recently damaged or you want to do any modification to the existing body panels of your Holden car, then you can purchase Holden replacement panels from the market to give your vehicle completely revamped and a new look. Whether the body panels were damaged due to an accident or have started to look shabby with age, or worn out due to excessive usage, you can use Holden replacement panels for the same.

Car Body Panels
                                                    Car Body Panels

High-performance component parts, stylish panels, unique panels, and a moderate range of Holden replacement panels are easily accessible from the market. Earl’s Body is responsible to make all panels of Holden. They provide you the best quality of FB-EK Fender Peak, FE-EK Sill, EJ-EH Outer Sill, FE-EK Inner Sill, HQ-WB Front Floor RH, HQ-WB Br Skin(400mm), HQ-WB Ute Rear Quarter, HK-HG Outer Sill, HQ-WB Outer Sill, HQ-WB Ute Panel RH, HQ-WB Ute Rear Panel, HQ-WB Ute Rr Window Brace, HQ- WB Ute Rear Quarter, FB-EK Front Fender Peak, EH Sill, HK-HG Sill, HQ-QB Sill, etc.

How to Replace the Panels:

  • Body Panels: Body panels are those components by which we can make a structure of a car. Panels are some puzzle parts, which completes the car. Panels are beneficial for the protection of the car from those elements that will damage the car. So, it is a highly qualified skill to know that how to place the panels in the vehicles.
  • Tools Needed: The primary tools, which are needed for the replacement of body panels are Clamps, Marker, Nibbler, Grinder, Drill and Bit, Joggle, Primer, paint, and sander.
  • Patterning The New With The Old: It is obvious, only the right fit of body panel will apply to your car, not any other will fit on it. It is a difficult work to put the right panel to give a new amazing look to your old car. Clamp the new panel onto the old panel and make such alignment and draw lines for cutting the edges.
  • Working On The Replacement Body Panel: After making such marks on the panels now, you’re ready to work on it. Separate both the panels from the body of the car.
  • Cutting Away The Old Panel: Now, it is important to work on the cutting down of the old panel, make sure that there will be no irregularities during working on it. After the encounter, the spot uses grind machine to remove the old parts of the vehicle.
  • Stripping The Paint Off: Once the removal of the old panel is performed, use the grinding machine to strip the paint off from the metal to the depth of inches.
  • Attaching The New Panel Body: Now, you have to place the replacement panel on the cut area, make sure that you will do it slowly and if the panel can’t adjust then you can remove it from the primer.
  • Welding The New Panel: Once the above process is complete, now weld the panel, and give it a finishing touch.

The whole range of Holden replacement panels is made from heavy-duty materials to ensure that they provide the best experience to the customers worldwide. Explore the range of Holden replacement panels and find your perfect fit today.

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