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As we all know sushi is a popular Japanese Dish. The main ingredient in preparing sushi is vinegared rice. It is accompanied by other dishes ingredients but these shifts as per the choice of the individual. The other ingredient can be vegetables, fruits, seafood, and other stuff too. With Sushi rice the other things keep changing, there are various styles in which sushi can be presented. Other names of sushi are sumeshi or shari.


Conventionally sushi is prepared by using white grain rice, but health freaks prefer brown rice which is fine too. Although the taste doesn’t affect by the choice of rice it actually depends on the way someone cooks the dish. Traditionally sushi is never served alone but then it is always served with side food. The side food includes salmon, tuna, eel, squid and other things as per your choice. Sushi can be Vegetarian and non vegetarian just like momos. Vegetarian sushi is served with wasabi, schezwan, pickles etc. Sushi is called as Sashimi, which consist of raw fish which is other optional service of rice.

Evolution of Sushi:

In ancient time sushi was called Narezushi, loosely translated known as salted fish, which was stored in rice (fermented) for a long time. This was originated in South Asia. This lacto rice was the shield that prevented the fish from spoiling. Traditionally rice was not consumed with the fish, it was discarded.

This type of sushi was said to be a great source of protein for people. This dish however prepared had a sour tasting with it; hence the name was transformed from Narezushi to sushi due to the antiquated grammatical notions. Presently you can eat sushi sitting at your home by simply order sushi online, and enjoy the delicacy at you humble abode.


Every state popular dish is popular due to the nutritional value it holds. The ingredients in Sushi are raw fish and rice. They are known to be low in fat, high in protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. The unique thing about sushi is that it is served wrapped it’s not like a gravy dish so all the nutrients are present in a single roll. Usually, sushi itself doesn’t have fattening food, but the rice and especially the choice of rice is what makes all the difference in the fat and carbohydrates. The additional ingredients like sauces, mayo that increases the caloric content. They usually have high sodium content from the traditional sauce seasoning that makes the sushi so delicious.

Health risks

Sushi itself is a very healthy dish but it’s the ingredients that are known to be prone to some serious health risks. Now we now the main ingredients that are served with fish like tuna especially bluefin, are predators that harbour among themselves methyl mercury which has the potent of poisoning the people who consume it in large quantity. This is the reason it is strictly prohibited for pregnant women to have sushi, even young children are said to avoid sushi until their digestive system in intact. The impact of these illnesses prone several risk to an expecting mother and it could be harmful to the baby as it is not fully grown and neither has it had the immunity to fight such infection on their own.


Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese Dishes, it basically represents the country. The main ingredient here is rice. It is served with different side dishes as per the choice. Presently you can have your favourite sushi at home by sushi online delivery facilities available. All you have to do is order food and it will available at your door step in few minutes.

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