How Social Media Affects Seo Positioning In Google

Since the first website was created, in 1992, the Internet has been a space where people or mostly companies, hung their web spaces with the ultimate goal of making themselves known and being “read”, but the user’s participation was very little or no. When Google came out, the current social networks were not yet developed, so Google set the relevance of a website, among other concepts, based on their mentions in other websites (links from other websites).

The Internet is evolving, creating an environment increasingly similar to the offline environment. For example, in the real world, when buying a product one trusts more of the recommendations that can make a friend or an acquaintance than what the brand itself says (since it will never be neither impartial nor objective, therefore it will be unreliable) … According to Nielsen confirms in his latest study, 92% of people trust and positively assess the recommendations of their direct environment, made through a channel no 2.0. Until relatively recently, this behavior could not be directly fed from the network, but now, with the Boom of Social Media, this is already possible.

Currently the user has the tools to recommend and comment on the products and to read and evaluate these options from other users before making a purchase. That is, the ability and power of a user to determine the opinion of a future consumer is already possible and very accessible in the online environment, so Google, taking into account its maximum to satisfy the user, has modified or adapted certain parameters of their algorithms to adapt to this new situation.

If in the past Google set the criterion of relevance of its search results through several variables, but none made direct reference to the user now, with the change that Panda has assumed, this is radically different. Now Google of importance and relevance when positioning a website to the quantity and quality of interactions that the content of the web has had on the part of the users. That is, the website that has generated the most content relevant to users will be the website with the highest rating by Google when it comes to establishing its organic positioning.

At this moment, where the social interaction of the content generated by a ecommerce web design company is a definitive element for the possibilities of positioning in Google, it is essential to generate the necessary online spaces so that the contents that are created have the maximum possibilities of being known, valued, commented, etc., by users From there arises to the prevailing need that in any project of a company the need to generate relevant content (usually through a blog) is also involved and generates spaces to disseminate said content, social tools, such as Facebook, Google +, or Linkedin, for example.

If we want to work with SEO Services providers, we must work on generating content and revitalizing our Social Networks, trying to achieve the maximum possible impact and participation. These are the bases of the new SEO approach.



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