How to Identify a Good Slipper Supplier?

Slippers are not a recent invention. These basic footwear have been around since the Egyptian times some 1,500 years back. Hawai chappal is a term most often used for this important part of our footwear wardrobe in every house.

The name hawai chappal should not be confused with the slipper having first made on the islands of Hawaii. This name was given by a well known footwear company from the 70’s to one of their product which was the first pair of the blue sole and white top rubber slippers.

Buy Slippers From Best Slipper Manufacturer Companies

The raw materials that are used nowadays has undergone a lot of transformation since the 70’s and our products ensure that there is no rubbing on the skin as was often seen in those earlier versions that hurt almost every single user at least once as they were made out of low grade rubber.

Since then slippers have gone through major upgrades to now become stylish as well as comfortable and much more durable. We are one of the best slipper manufacturer companies India who invest a lot of research into our products to bring out slippers in vibrant colours and a variety of designs and styles. We want everyone to wear these comfortable footwear not just in the house but confidently even for outside everyday small trips. Our range of slippers also provide bigger heels and better padding if you do a lot of walking or stand for long. Our slippers can be worn and most of our customers do wear them on a daily basis for home use, small trips and any other occasion when they would prefer their feet to be relaxed.

The raw materials we now use for making these chappals have undergone a major transformation that ensures that there are no rubbing on the skin that used to hurt almost everyone wearing them in the early days when they were just made of a low grade rubber. We use rubber mixed with many other ingredients like the light and durable PU, EVA, TPR compound and Phylon to give the slippers the necessary strength and flexibility. They are sturdy enough for any and all rough usages which helps us be the first choice of many to be their slipper supplier companies India. Our products are our and the wearers pride.

We cater to all segments of the slippers market from men, women as well as children. We are one of the largest slipper manufacturer companies India with 14 state-of-the-art manufacturing units in Haryana and one in Rajasthan from where we produce over 3 lakh pairs of footwear every day and employ over 3000 people. Our sales teams ensure that our products reach every customer whether in small towns or metropolises through a huge network of suppliers and our production teams ensure the focus on delivering quality, durable, affordable, trusted and stylish slippers all in one perfect package that makes us the most trusted and largest slipper supplier companies India.


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