Planning to buy a property in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand? Your choice of the city is excellent. Bangkok is one of the most beautiful places to live in.

However, when you are going to buy a property in a new town, this is important to have better knowledge of the city, the culture and lifestyle, and the crime rate so that you do not have to face any trouble once you buy your home.

In this blog, I am going to discuss some important facts about the city that are important to get hold of everybody investing in a property here.

Here are they.

Bangkok as a city-

As I have told you above, it is Thai capital. It is the most populous city in the country with over 8 million registered residents and more than 10 million registered residents. Its population is forecasted to reach above 11 million registered residents by 2025. It is prophesized to be the second biggest city in the Asean region in terms of GDP by 2025, and it per capita income is expected to be around US $51,000 by that time. What is more, this city is beyond rivalry in Thailand. No other city in the country seems to be giving it any kind of challenge. When it comes to basic human requirements like health and education, the city has some of the best educational institutions and hospitals. The places in the city are well-connected to one another via transport. You can easily get public and private transport to reach from one place to another.

Culture & Lifestyle

The city of Bangkok is referred as the city of smile as well. The culture in Bangkok is rather influenced by the western world. Most of the people prefer living a western style life. However, they are closely connected with Buddhist traditions.

People are hospitable and friendly here. People here don’t like to enter their home with shoes. They remove their shoes before entering in their own or somebody else’s home. Hugging and patting are not considered good in Bangkok. So, you should shake hand or shake your palms to greet those you meet.

The Telegraph says, “Thailand’s capital is south-east Asia’s most enigmatic city, a head-on clash between tradition and modernity. First-time visitors may be a little taken aback by the concrete canyons and futuristic, billboard-covered skyscrapers, but take a few steps away from the main roads into one of the city’s countless alleys and traditional Thai culture is everywhere – an urban cornucopia of smells, tastes, sounds and sights that one is unlikely to forget.”

An article published in Los Angeles Times, says “In Bangkok, where more than 90% of the population practices Buddhism, people generally don’t honk horns, shout or stress out. Instead, they smile and practice the art of patience.”

Crime Rate

When you are selecting any place to have your home in that, you cannot avoid this, as if the crime rate is high then how you can expect a peaceful life. That is true. See, when we talk about crime in Bangkok, you need not much worry about the same since most here serious crimes happen in quite low quantity compared to other cities in the world. Most of the time, you will read news of snatching, theft, and robbery that you can easily avoid with being careful.

Check this link – This will let you know that how safe Bangkok is compared to other cities in the world. If you check the list, you will find Bangkok on the 127 number.

A Great Difference in Prices of Properties

This may have surprised you, but is true. If you initiate your property search in Bangkok, you will see a great variation in the price of properties with similar attributes. Undoubtedly, you will want to know the reason. The reason is not one, but may. For example, the significance of the location, the types of materials used in the construction, the design, and the amenities.

These facts have provided you much knowledge about the city. So, now, if you are sure the city is the right place to live in, start your search for a property.

How can you get the best property for you there in Bangkok? You can look for a trustworthy real estate company for this task. The company will listen to your requirements and provide you the best recommendations. The one that appeals you the most, you can take your decision in the favor of the same.

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