Are You Looking For An ITI-Trade Job?

ITI and ITI-trade jobs are frequently talked about especially in relation to job openings in India. Encompassing a number of skilled trades, ITI jobs generate a lot of interest among individuals who plan to learn such skills for work. But, what exactly are the essentials and the scope of ITI trades? We find out.

ITI – The ‘What’ and ‘Why’

ITIs or Industrial Training Institutes are post-secondary schools within the country which have been established under the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

The main purpose behind the establishment of these Industrial Training Institutes is to impart skills in different vocational trades, to help meet the growing requirement of skilled manpower within the nation. ITIs basically equip individuals with education, skills and discipline required for securing industrial employment, or for being a self-employed individual.

Courses Offered By ITIs

Industrial Training Institutes offer courses related to technical education in a number of vocations. These trades are engineering and non-engineering in nature, and cover electronics, mechanics, goldsmith, building maintenance, carpenter, domestic and industrial painters, mason, mechanic, plumber, electricians, fitter, wire man, fire man, corporate housekeeping, and many more.

Who Can Opt For These?

Anyone who comes in the age group of 14 to 40 years can apply for a course at one of the ITIs in the country. The minimum educational qualification required for admission in an ITI varies from Standard VIII to Standard XII (depending on the course).

ITI courses are meant to aid individuals lacking college or university level education to attain a secure means of employment within the country, by providing necessary skill development. Admissions into ITIs are merit-based, which means that applicants will have to clear an entrance test in order to get selected for a course. Private ITIs however offer direct entry to applicants.

Sessions generally start during August in ITIs with training periods ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

Job prospects for ITI pass outs

With private organizations and firms prioritizing on skills and knowledge for offering employment these days, job prospects for ITI pass outs seem really good. When it comes to the private sector, they can find lucrative jobs in business relating to energy, construction, manufacturing, textiles, agriculture and food processing, and so on.

There are ample job opportunities available in the public sector as well for the ITI pass outs. These include the Railways, Defence organizations (Air Force, Navy, and Army), paramilitary forces (BSF, CRPF etc.), telecom, ship yards etc.


Another big advantage that ITI pass outs have in terms of employment is the opportunity to start their own business. The short supply of qualified and trained professionals be it carpenters, plumbers, electricians or mechanics, has led to a growth in demand for such service providers in different sectors.

This, as a result, has improved the opportunities for ITI certificate holders who can either search for employment in one of the many sectors in the market or be their own boss by starting their own business.

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