What Are The Networking Courses Available?


There is no denying the fact that the advancement of technology and networking are taking over the world of business. Even with the emerging of the new technologies, big data or cloud computing, all of them are powered by networks. Therefore, from the past few years, the networking career has been the trend and is not likely to change any soon. There is a bright career in networking jobs in various enterprise companies. The best way to get involved in such a field is to take up a networking certification course. Many students take up the career and devote them to learning the courses for a better career option and others learn to know more about networking.  A networking course certification introduces the students to a higher level and an insight into computer networking systems and its maintenance. The entire course involves implementation, connectivity, and even security.  The networking courses fall under information technology and depend on their implementation in business enterprises. The courses also involve programming and development studies.

The courses of networking involve the basic computer science subjects with an inner depth to help in career. There are various areas in this field from administrators to supporters which helps the students to choose various paths through these courses.  Like every other education program, the cost of computer networking course certification varies in cost. Right after graduation, the students can have a wide option of career. With the great opportunity in networking, the students often try to take up the networking courses. The networking is required in any kind of industry as everything involves networking. Various job positions like that of administrator, technician, engineer, analyst, etc. the work that is expected from the networking professionals are usually correcting network errors and server maintenance. Other than technical work there are various managerial opportunities for the students.

Top Networking courses available for IT professionals

Cisco certified network professional (CCNP) – the most popular certification level system offered by Cisco is Datacenter. The network infrastructure of the Datacenter is its prime focus. The technology and innovations focus on the deep insight skills of the Datacenter for which it has become incredibly famous among the networking professionals. The CCNP datacenter certification is gained by passing through four examinations. Among the four exams, attending two exams are compulsory. A test of the professional knowledge of datacenter Cisco Nexus certifications and unified computing system is mandatory. After completion of the first two exams, the candidate can choose any two exams of the four exams to test expertise in troubleshooting and administrating networks. The mentioned four exams cover the integration between the unified computing system of Cisco and other virtualization solutions like VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.

Cisco certified internetwork Network (CCIN) –   The network engineers are eager to get Cisco certified internetwork expert for their job profile. It is one of the most prestigious certifications in the IT industry that determines the hard work and dedication of the candidates. The certification has proven to change the lives of network administrators based on career. It is also considered to be one of the toughest exams among the other networking courses. The test consists of an eight-hour lab exam for the candidates which are hard to crack. The individuals, who appear for the exam and clear it, must sit for written exams every two years to keep the certification active.

Juniper Networks Certified Internet associate or specialist (JNCIA/ JNCIS) – in 1998, Junos was released which is claimed to be similar with the open-source Unix-OS FreeBSD. The Juniper certification emphasizes the deeper knowledge of Junos and the operating system of the Juniper Networks. The roots of the Junos lie in BSD. However, it has been regularly updated and modified since its origin. The first hurdle on the Juniper networks certification is the JNCIA. It has three tracks known as the Enterprise routing and switching, service provider routing and switching and security. It is not necessary to hold a certification of JNCIA to pursue JNCIS. If a candidate is j=knowledgeable enough, he/she can directly apply for the JNCIS certification. The program involves two technologies QFabric and Firewall/VPN.

VMware certified professional 6 – Network Virtualization (VCP6-NV) – the industry’s leading automation and Virtualization Company VMware focuses on computer networking, cloud infrastructure, and storage virtualization. The highest priced networking courses available for the IT professionals are VMware certified professional6- network visualization. The certification course emphasizes on the VMware networking product, VMware NSX and provides access to the infrastructure administrators to separate end users and IT systems from the network physical hardware. The candidates need to clear the two exams related to the products like VMware NSX and VMware vSphere to earn the VCP6-NV certificate. Both products focus on how to deploy and troubleshoot products.

AWS certified solutions architect Associate – from the past 5 years, Amazon web services have been the marketing leader for cloud computing. The AWS certification program was launched by Amazon in 2013 for the IT professionals to adopt new skills to support the AWS clients. With the incorporation of cloud computing and networking, it is necessary for networking engineers to transition from physical networks to virtual ones. The associate certifications are for those who intend to work in the cloud-based distributed systems. The certification course covers the scalable systems and fault tolerant on AWS. To get certified as an architect associate, the candidates must be skilled and knowledgeable in the designs and structures required in networking.


To achieve new heights in career, the networking courses are the best to kick-start a job career. It is important to be a certified expert in any one of the chosen fields in the IT department. With advancing technologies, enterprise companies and IT departments are looking for certified professionals – NetCom Learning who can provide all kinds of quality services for the betterment of the company production and efficiency in the future. The networking courses like CCNP datacenter certification and others mentioned above for the beginners, young fresh graduates, and professionals.

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