Pear Puree For Babies: Rich in Taste and Nutrition

Feeding small kids is the toughest experience while you are raising a child. Foremost, it becomes a little perplexing to find out when you should begin giving solids to your child. Further, it is actually not easy to make something that your baby likes and would eat with ease. A fine way to find out when it is the correct time to begin solids is to observe when your child begins craving for them. Typically at the age of 5 months, it will wish to grasp everything it could and place it in its mouth. It would observe you when you eat and would wish to eat as well. Further, at this age, breast milk is not enough for a baby. And thus, it is the correct time to begin solids. You must always begin with pureed food for instance pear puree in order the baby gets habitual to it and it lessens the peril of choking as well.

Things which you would require

  • Blender
  • 2 Vegetables/fruits of your liking
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • 120 mL of water
  • Cooking utensil


  • Pick any type of vegetable or fruit which your baby likes. You could also utilize a combination of various fruits or vegetables to prepare a mouth-watering puree.
  • Simmer the fruit/veggie in 120 mL water; just sufficient so the fruit or vegetable is immersed into it and allow them to boil till they are tender and a small amount of water is left.
  • Place the fruit or veggie in the mixer together with the water. Switch on the mixer and mix the boiled fruit or vegetable to prepare a tasty puree.

Tips to keep in mind while making fruit and veggie purees

  • Apple and pear is a great combo which could be utilized to prepare a fruit puree
  • While preparing veggie puree, it is a fine notion to use some chicken & chicken soup while mixing. It provides taste & nourishment.
  • Bananas must always be squashed with the help of a fork
  • Rather than boiling, you could steam the veggies and fruits with the help of a steamer
  • Abstain from adding additional sugar for veggie & fruit puree as they already have natural sugars there.
  • In case essential, add a bit of honey for taste.
  • In case the fruit or vegetable comprises starch content such as potatoes, avoid blending. Rather just mash them with a fork or masher.
  • Utilize a kid food steamer & kid food blender which creates it effortless to make purees. Nevertheless, in case not accessible, a standard kitchen utensil & mixer would carry out.


  • Be cautious while boiling since the hot utensil could burn you
  • Ensure the puree does not comprise any big lumps since it could choke the child
  • Ensure you do not serve it hot. Allow it to cool a bit prior to feeding.

Pear puree for babies is quite common nowadays

If you do not wish to prepare fruit purees at home you can simply log into your web resources and buy readymade pear puree for babies. These fruit purees are full of nutrition and offer a lot of vitamins and minerals to the baby. Buying fruit purees on the internet can also help you a lot of money and not just the efforts since the internet offers a lot of discounts.

The internet is that type of world that is full of competition and to survive in this cut-throat competition, retailers and manufacturers have to provide the services and products at cost-effective prices to be in the game.

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