Perks of mastering Excel skills

Since its introduction in 1987, Microsoft Excel has been the software of choice for users across industries. It is a simple and easy to use spreadsheet program for managing any kind of data and with time Microsoft has continuously upgraded it for increasing demands in the world of analytics. However it would be wrong to compare MS Excel with modern day dedicated data science platforms. MS Excel was simply never made to handle big data analytics and it lacks various features which a data science task may require. Then again MS Excel is the go to software for innumerable data scientists for a variety of data analytics jobs. Moreover for any data science aspirants hoping to successfully pursue a career in data science, acquiring proficiency in advanced Excel will be very useful.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Excel:

  • Simplicity

It is very simple to use and requires no special system to deploy it. Basic calculations can be easily done and offers a good look into the data you are working with. Moreover from Office 2013 Excel also offers easy to use self service analytics features such as shaping, modeling and analyzing data sets.

  • Flexibility

Excel allows its users to connect to a variety of data sources and perform important tasks. For instance, the power query feature of Excel can be used for pulling tabular data from any website, clean the data and stay connected with a data source such as Hadoop data sets.

  • Cool features

Excel has many cool features for which it is very popular. For instance the Power Map feature of Excel allows Geospatial exploration of data by letting users to plot 3D maps!

How can you acquire advanced Excel skills?

Excel in itself is a very basic software in nature and doesn’t require any supervision to master it. However, training is required if you are aiming to master all the cool advanced features of Excel. The location of the training course is also important because only in a flourishing digital industry where Excel is very much used for analytics, you will get a chance to learn first hand. In this regard, Microsoft Excel training in Malaysia is a great choice as it is home to a booming digital economy and innumerable firms utilize Excel for business analytics. Moreover, Microsoft Excel training in Malaysia is especially beneficial because there is a huge demand for excel experts in Malaysia!

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