Pros & Cons of Using Used Tires

Are you wondering or confused about buying used tires? Are you a person who wants used tires in good condition?

Are you an individual who understands the importance of hard earned money and decided not to waste on brand new tires when you can get the same at a far lower price?

I must say! You have reached the place where you can get answers to all your questions.

I know, there are so many different theories about using used tires that anyone can get confused whether to buy it or not.

We all know, there is always two sides of a coin, but it’s always our choice whether to look at the brighter side or darker one. However, I’ll share both the side and let you decide which side you want to see.

Before knowing what to choose it’s important to know when you should decide to change the tires of the car.

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When to replace the tires of your vehicle:

  • It’s important to understand the importance of tread depth in the tire, tread basically helps in maintaining traction and avoid hydroplaning on wet roads. Therefore, once the tread depth is down to 1.6mm, then the tire is considered as worn out or unsafe.
  • Another thing that to be considered is the tread pattern which has got a technical term ‘Tread Wear Bars.’ In a simple language, these bars look like small bridges that are formed between the treads or runs across the tires. With the passage of time and tires usage, these bars get flush with the tire’s tread.
  • You can also use a unique tread depth indicator or gauge tool to measure your tire’s tread. You can get it tested from your regular car mechanic shop, and there are chances you might get it for free. Alternatively, if you want to buy one, then you can get it from your nearest tire shop since it is cheap and easy to use so you can afford one. Another option is searching online and download a tread depth indicator tool.
  • If you notice Irregular Tread Wear, then it is a sign of miss alignment, the need for a tire rotation, or both. Therefore, it indicates that your car needs servicing.
  • If your tire wears out much faster than expected, then get your suspension checked by a competent tire workshop because improper alignment and worn out suspension parts dramatically shorten the life of a tire.

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  • You can also rotate your tires from front to rear in pairs, it is a useful trick and a quick fix.
  • A sidewall bulge or bubble indicates that your tires are severely damaged and need urgent replacement. These damages are caused commonly due to driving through a large pothole or over a curb or by driving with low tire pressure. Therefore, continue to operate with such damage can result in severe accidents at highways.
  • It is advisable to replace your tire after a minimum time span of 6 years or maximum 10 years regardless of use. Always remember to check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations regarding your car.
  • If you notice vibrations in the steering wheel, then most probably the tires of your car are worn out unevenly. In such situation you can get your tire rebalanced and if still, the problem continues then more likely the tire is damaged.

Now, you know when you should go for replacing tires, so let’s discuss the pro and cons of used tires.


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Less Price: The best thing is you can get the best condition used tires at the minimum rates. This low price saves your money to spend on extra like wheel alignment and balancing that increases the life of your tires.

Therefore, used tires are affordable, and you can save 80% price of new tires.

Safety: If you are a person who is good at evaluation and analysis, you should ensure that the used tire which you choose to buy should meet all the safety standards.

It should be the highest quality used a tire with proper tread wear and no signs of damage.

Environment-Friendly: If you decide to go with used tires, you are not just saving your money, but you are also contributing your part to saving the environment.

By using a high standard, recycled product you actually encouraging Recycle and Reuse factor which is a good initiative towards environment protection.

Full Range of Options: Some companies offer a wide range of premium used tires at reasonable rates. You have more options and have the choice to select any brand. You can also get it safety checked at the ware house.

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As I said earlier, there is always two face of a coin. So, the darker one is here.

The most common problem what I observe is in evaluating and analyzing the quality of used tire. It may be tricky to find small loopholes, and you might choose the wrong one or feel tricked. Therefore, you need an expert or detailed information regarding tires to go for used one.

With little more information and by being alert you can save an abundance of money while purchasing tires. So, be cautious and smart about making choices.

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