As we know our iPhones and models of apple smartphone are fragile and thus brings a plethora of issues even when dropped on the ground, get struck with a hard object, falls in a water pool.

If you meet such a time, the things that make you worst is the retaining of stored data. Almost every among us stores valuable data, documents, unforgettable moments of life in pictures and videos.

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How it makes you when all these data get to wipe off from the mobile? Just think!

No doubt, it will agonize you and put you on a wander. But now, you are not supposed to get worried. With this post, I am providing the solution.

Now, you can save your stored data to iPhone, iPad, or Apple mobile by employing a flawless set of the act. This neither requires any expert nor any skill. You can implement this by own.

Yes, it is very simple and convenient to employ the steps of backup or restoring the data to protect your personal stored data. Let’s have a look over this –

Backup, Restoring & Updating iPhone/iPad via iTunes

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Prior to adopting this method of restoring data, you are supposed to ensure that any hardware issues have not affected your phone.

If so, this method won’t work and is recommended to visit your nearby iPhone/iPad servicing center. In the case, if the phone has no display but sound, vibration, notification is working, then you should go ahead with iTunes.

Now go with the steps below:

Before you attempt to connect your device with a computer, you must ensure that iTunes software installed is the latest version, otherwise, it pop up distinct error messages.

Now connect your iPhone or iPad with computer and launch latest version iTunes. If it recognizes your device, first of all, make assure to backup entire stored data and then choose Restore. Once you select restore, all stored data will be wiped.

Recovery Mode

If iTunes fails to recognize your device, don’t get panic. You are required to put your iPhone/iPad into the recovery mode by below-mentioned steps.

Connect your iPhone/iPod with a computer

Attempt to launch iTunes

While your device connects to a computer, employ Force restart. Press device home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously. When Apple logo appears, don’t get release the button. Keep them holding and release the button only when the Recovery mode screen appears

Now you will have two option to select either Update or Restore. If you wish to install the latest version of iTunes go with Update or select Restore. Be cautious, as you select Restore it will wipe all data from the device.

It is possible to have elongated time while going with Update as well as the device may exit from the ongoing Recovery mode. In case this happens, go ahead with force Restart and Update once again.

Even the Update doesn’t work, again go to Force Restart and select Restore. This lead to erase the complete settings and content of your device.

When this process gets accomplished enjoy to set up your device and desired settings i.e. iPhone/iPad as a new device.

Other Significant Method to Backup, Wipe & Restore

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As I articulated above, the mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, and smartphone of other brands and fragile and get damaged very easily. Even, it hardware parts gets spoiled and needs to be repaired or replaced.

In such case, if you are sending your device for iPhone repair parts, iPad replacement parts etc. I will tell you here how to back up your data, wipe before sending and restore after successful repairing.

How to Backup iPad/iPhone Data

Generally, we can backup data in two simple methods:

  1. On Computer: Simply connect your device to your computer and perform a complete backup on computer’s hard drive.
  2. On iCloud: if you are using iPhone/iPad, you can create a backup over this cloud space. In the case of Android or other platform based smartphone, you can backup your data on Google drive by using your Gmail To create backup follow these steps

On your iOs device go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup and click the Back Up Now button. That’s it. The backup will be created.

On other Android based smartphone: Go to Settings > Backup & Restore and click Back Up Now to create a backup file.

Wiping Data from Mobile Device

For iOs device:  Follow Settings > General > Reset and click the Erase All Content and Settings button. This will erase the entire content of the device.

For Android: Follow Settings > Backup & Restore > Factory Data Reset. This will wipe out the data stored in your smartphone.


Once the device gets repaired and you retrieved from the service center. After switching on the phone, it will ask to make settings regarding language, date and time, and etc. Then it asks for restoring data from iCloud or iTunes for the iOS device.

For iOs device:

Select the desired destination where you have to create a backup of your device data. It will download all data to your iOs device.

For Android device:

In the case of Android based phone, you will have to log in your Gmail account or the same email account through which you have created backup data. After logging in it will say a backup data has found. Click to download the personal data of your device.

Before we close this post, you must know about some useful tips for replacement or repairing part that is employed for your damaged device.

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  • Quality for iPad repair parts, iPhone repair parts, iPad mini repair parts, iPad replacement parts, iPhone replacement parts must be ensured with awarded or certified company.
  • It is appreciating to buy entire iPad parts and iPhone parts from the authorized service center to retain the efficiency and performance of the device.
  • Prior to purchasing the required iPad/iPhone repair/replacement parts, it is good practice to confer with iPad/iPhone parts distributor.
  • In order to avail best price parts with a high standard of quality, you can go with wholesale iPhone/apple parts catered by iPad/iPhone parts distributor.

However, I am sure it will eliminate your stress and hurdles of retaining your personal data store to iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and another mobile device in case of damage. So, if your device has got damaged and caring of stored data check you for repair. Then give up your all worries by creating a backup of your data.

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