SAS Training in a Cloud Native Application Management

Working with a physical software is so archaic and stone age practice. Today’s developers are focused at creating mobile and website applications that hyper-scale Cloud environment! This means, modern enterprise Cloud environment are better prepared to customize, respond and mitigate various operations at an unprecedented pace, flexibility, accuracy and agility.

Whether you are a Project Manager or a Developer, learning SAS Training in Delhi can prepare you to migrate to a Cloud-centric career with ease. In this article, we will tell you why you should focus on Cloud Native application projects and how it can boost your career.

Embrace the Cloud Native Apps Marketplace

You may have heard about Cloud-based apps. But, there is something different about Cloud Native apps. Cloud-based apps and Cloud native apps are distinctly different from each other by virtue of their development, deployment and execution in a Cloud environment.

Cloud native apps are designed to develop, deploy and execute from within an expansive Cloud framework/ virtual computing environment. In SAS Training in Delhi and Bangalore, you will closely work with Cloud native platforms such as Kubernetes. These are overlaid on the existing cloud platforms and primitive Platform as a Service containers.

Here are a few key attributes you will learn to deploy in Cloud Native apps environment.

  • Develop Independent and Autonomous Services that are packaged as Light-weight Containers for rapid scaling and optimization for cost-effective Cloud Computing.
  • Develop Polyglot frameworks – that means, use a variety of programming languages and runtimes for developing micro services /frameworks for specific jobs.
  • Build centralized API frameworks for efficient interaction and collaboration in a CLOUD NATIVE lightweight service. These can be based on various protocols such as REST, TensorFlow and NATS.
  • Often built in stateless/state-independent environment, Cloud Native apps don’t have any affinity for an OS or working machine. It only works on defined protocols for microservice capabilities such as GPUs and SSDs.

SAS and Cloud Computing Offerings

SAS Cloud Computing is a powerful platform. While SAS has been in the business since 1976, its Cloud products are just a few decades old only. Its major revenue drips from Data Analytics and Data Quality tools. SAS Cloud tools and technologies deliver all of SAS products in a Cloud environment; making it available to a broader range of customers and technology partners.

SA Cloud Computing is known for its 5 capabilities offered as:

  • On-Demand Self Service
  • Broader Network Access
  • Measure Service
  • Resource Pooling
  • Rapid Elasticity

They can be run on various Cloud deployment models, such as—

  • PRIVATE Cloud
  • PUBLIC Cloud
  • HYBRID Cloud
  • COMMUNITY Cloud/On-Premise

Leading customers leverage SAS Platform to accelerate their analytics and BI without needing a master database. SAS works well within a dynamic Cloud Native app environment provisioning Windows, Solaris, AIX and several others LINUX OS modules.

If you want to learn more on SAS and its role in Cloud industry, jump the bandwagon with training course in Delhi for SAS Analytics.

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