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Vehicle Registration Details –

Vehicle registration is the registration of a vehicle with the government authority to establish the link of a vehicle and the owner of that vehicle.

The purpose of the vehicle registration is to keep track of the vehicle and establish a unique identity of each and every vehicle.

The data is useful for criminal detection scenarios and also for taxation purposes. Thus each vehicle has its own vehicle registration details and only registered vehicles has a vehicle registration plate on them.

RTO , also known as the Regional Transport Authority is the official authority that stores the vehicle registration details of all vehicles.

Checking Car Registration Details Online –

India is counted as among the top 5 car markets on the planet. Buying a used car is quite exciting and also affordable for the ones who are low on budget. But a used car with glossy outer appearance may not be right for you. You might never know what hides beneath the shiny appearance of the car. Therefore, you must check the vehicle history report online that will reveal all the true details.

The RTO offices around the country maintain a centralized record of all the registered plying on the roads. It is wise to check car registration details before you buy a used car. After all, you cannot place blind trust on the seller of the used car. by verifying the registration details, you can find out whether the car being sold to you is stolen or not. It is very easy to find car registration detail online from the comfort of your home.

To trace the car owner from car registration number click on Vehicle History and type the car registration number in the text box and press enter.

Then after providing your email id, the server will reveal the car registration details that has the following details like –

  • Registration Number
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Vehicle Type
  • City
  • State

If you want to read detailed information about the vehicle then you can either go for the ‘Gold certificate’ or the Platinum Certificate’. The Gold Certificate will provide you with basic information along with some other details like – Registration Module, Blacklist Module, Theft History, Flood Damage History. The ‘Gold Certificate’ costs just Rs. 49. If you want to dig deeper then, the Platinum Certificate would provide much detailed information. The Platinum Certificate provides additional details about the vehicle apart from the basic details. The Platinum Certificate gives details like- vehicle registration history Details, car owner details, Advanced Registration Details, Vehicle Details, Blacklist Details, Theft History Insurance Details, Hypothecation Module, Flood Damage History, Vehicle Service Logs, Purchase Details. The Platinum Certificate costs just Rs. 149 which is quite affordable given the in-depth  Details the Platinum Certificate provides.To sum up, one must do a vehicle history research online before making the decision.

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