Tips to Increase Life of Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is expensive. Since a good amount of your hard earned money has gone into owning such a piece, it is crucial to make efforts towards guarding your investment. Make sure you care for the furniture and use correct methods to remove stains. Any mistake or negligence may lead to unsightly mess.

Here are some tips to help you increase the life of your leather furniture:


Vacuum as you think is needed. You should use a soft brush attachment. A weekly routine of vacuuming works very well. You can use a soft white cloth dampened lightly with water. Dry the leather using another soft cloth.

Strictly avoid using detergent or soap as it can cause color to fade out. These harsh chemicals may also make the leather brittle over time.

It is recommended to apply a very high-quality commercial conditioner every 6-12 months. The frequency will depend on usage. Use conditioning regularly if you use the furniture more often.

You need to clean the spills immediately. Leather has a tendency to absorb ink from newspapers. Avoid placing it on furniture for long. Do not keep sharp objects as these can create scratches and a hole.

Always trust a professional for treating leather.

Simple Ways to Remove Spills and Stains from Leather Furniture

The item you spilled or caused the stain with itself dictates the method for removal. Always test on a small, inconspicuous area of the leather first. That way, if the method does not work or even creates a larger mess, it won’t be easily seen.

Grease Stains – Blot maximum amount of grease possible using a soft white cloth. Shake a layer of cornstarch on the stain. Allow it sit for around 10 minutes and then vacuum up the cornstarch using soft brush attachment of vacuum cleaner. The cornstarch will lift the grease. You may require using this method for a few times to remove the stain well.

Water Stains – In case, you spill water on leather furniture, simply wipe it up using a soft white cloth. If you leave it to dry, it may leave a stain. Dampen a soft white cloth with water. You need to wipe outward starting from the center of the stain. Use gentle hands to wipe. Then use drier areas of the cloth while you work outward towards blending the stain.

Ink Stains – Ink stains are known to be the most difficult of all stains on leather. Make sure you do not use alcohol or alcohol containing products to clean these stains. Refrain from using hairspray to remove ink as it may lift the original color. It is not advisable to use abrasive cleaners as you may remove a layer of the leather, damaging it forever.

In case, you spill ink on leather furniture, clean the mess with a soft white cloth. Thereafter, consult a professional at reputed leather cleaning company to remove any remaining stains. Any attempt of removing ink by yourself can actually ruin the furniture.


Placement of your leather furniture has a huge impact on its longevity. So avoid keeping it under skylights. Do not place it besides windows or adjacent to sliding doors. Exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays of sun can cause the furniture to fade and dry out; leading to unsightly blemishes, cracks and spots.

Adding Window Coverings

These are very helpful in creating a protective barrier against harmful UV rays of sun. So make sure you use shades, blinds, draperies/window film, or shutters wherever required.

Maintain Distance from Sources of Heat

Maintain a minimum of two feet clearance between leather furniture and interior heating sources. Some of these include heating vents and radiators. These dry out the leather.

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