When the word ‘gambling’ passes from your eyes or ears or any sensory organ for that matter, undoubtedly, it creates a picture of lottery, casinos, dice, roulette, baccarat, and many more things like that. No doubt, many of us retain a high enthusiasm in gambling to make extra money. Isn’t it.

However, have you ever thought, how the concept of gambling would be evolved? If not, then don’t think now!

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Anyway, with this post, I am going to share some interesting evidence about gambling in ancient Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and Chinese civilizations which you should know about. It is astonishing to know that even some practices of gambling are alive as it was for thousands of years.

As for example, since the ancient time, the Greeks have an interest in gambling. You can’t think that ‘Poker’ a famous gambling game came into existence by Minoan civilization of more than 3,500 years ago. Is it not amazing?

Before exploring out some extra evidence of gambling in ancient time. You should know about one identical game that is common in both modern and ancient times. Yes, throwing a double six in dice make a victory identical to more than thousand years old ‘throw of Aphrodite.’

Gambling in Mesopotamian Civilization

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The oldest civilization know today is the Mesopotamia Civilization, around 7000 B.C. It was the region of Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in modern Iraq. This was the time and place, where the human got first inspiration to drive a settled lifestyle from nomadic one.

Though the human civilization takes off from the part of that history, you should not wonder about the earliest gambling tools exposed among other archaeological discoveries.

From several archaeological spots, different gaming devices were discovered. The most important amongst them are ‘four-sided Astragali’ of 6000 B.C, and first ‘pips marked 6-sided cubes’ of 3000 B.C. Also, the gaming boards discovered from the archaeological sites of same periods proclaimed about the people of playing board game identical to modern era ‘Backgammon.’

Gambling in Ancient Persia

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The ‘Dice’ a renowned gambling was very famous in Persia, the region of modern Iran. Let me tell you a story about dice game in the words of Greek historian Plutarch.

Sometime Artarxerxes order to behead his brother Cyrus who was accused of conspiring to grab his power. His mother Parysatis was seeking to revenge and in the same context offered the king for a friendly dice game at the stake of his power. But she failed and played on the stake of servant’s head. Ultimately her mother won and beheaded that servant and took the revenge as well.

Evidence of Gambling in Egypt

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Likewise Mesopotamian and Persian people, Egyptians also liked gambling. In Egypt, the ancient tomb was embellished with several gambling sculptures and scenes. Moreover, according to hieroglyphic record around 3000-4000 B.C anti-gambling law were coined that reflects the importance of gambling in Egyptian life and ancient civilization.

The most common gambling game ‘2 dice and a gaming board’ was played among Egyptians. The dice were thrown, and the game pieces were moved across the board as per the result. The first player who ran throughout the entire board was a winner.

Another game of ‘guessing’ was also popular. This included the guessing of a finger, how many small objects an opponent hold in his hands and etc.

Gambling in Indian Civilization

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Since the beginning of Indian civilization i.e. 4000 years ago, the Indian culture adopted the gambling. About 1500 B.C. ago, great Indian epic Mahabharata starts with a dice match, where a royal family bets for the throne and eventually one player lost his entire royal possessions that ended with his wife.

Apart from a dice game, the Indian culture adopts animals for gambling. Some well renowned are ram and cock fights, which is still famous in modern India. You will wonder to know about gambling houses where people congregate and play together without time limit. These houses were run under the supervision of king’s official team to retain the order and collect a percentage.

Gambling in Chinese Civilization

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By 1000 B.C, with the development of Chinese society gambling also expands its wings. Every street in Chinese town comprises several gambling houses where animals fight and races are very common.

Around 7th Century A.D., the Chinese rendered the earlier dice into Chines dominoes which usually etched by black and red pips. In the 12th Century A.D. another new member ‘Chinese playing cards’ were included in the rule of Emperor Seun-Ho.

History of Online Gaming

The online gambling as compare to ancient gambling is very young or has just opened its eyes. With the emergence of internet technologies in the 1990s, it becomes possible for gamblers to bet online from the ease and comfort of their home.

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Hopefully, you won’t be acquainted that the first companies that launch online gambling or online sports betting were Microgaming and CryptoLogic. However, the Microgaming Company developed software, which endows with an online casino for players. Further, this software came equipped with a security software, developed by Cryptologic and was efficient to ensure the safe and flawless financial transactions.

Another important thing you should know about online gambling is the born of the first legislature to look after legal issues were “Free Trade and Processing Act” of 1994 as well as adopted by the Caribbean islands.

In 1995, the ‘Kahnawake Gaming Commission of Mohawk Indian Tribe in Canada’ followed the legislature and provide a big number of a gaming license for sports books, online casino, and poker rooms. Also, the first known internet casinos were GamingClub and InterCasino, which were also empowered with Microgaming software.

Today, in the realm of online gambling a myriad of games are available for online players to bet online. Some of the most important amongst them are Indian Matka, Kalyan Matka, Boss Matka, Madhur Matka, Bossmatka, Satta King, Satta Matka, Sattaking, Sattamatka, Dpboss and many online sports betting.

This blog post has literally worthy of providing a dose to soothe your curiosity of exploring new things in the world of gambling. I hope, you all will love this post and like to share with other people to know such innovative things about gambling in old civilizations. So, Like this post and keep sharing.




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