Traffic and Road Troubles in Bahamas

Despite being a tourist spot, Bahamas has poor road infrastructure that creates traffic on the road and gives birth to so many accidents and issues. Unlike the United States, the traffic and road rules are a bit different. The high lane is not to the left instead it’s to the right plus there are left-hand drivers. Moreover, the traffic is full of diverse transportation vehicles including cars, trucks, bicycle, and motorbikes all on a single road. The cyclist normally cycles in slow lane but they tend to dodge and overtake cars as well. Due to which drivers have to keep an eye on their movements to avoid any inconvenience.

Bumps and Damages:

Coming towards road conditions, the roads there are full of bumps and damages. There is a severe road condition even in Nassau. Such a bad condition makes the road full of traffic and it creates problems for the road crosses. Most streets and roads do not have zebra crossing so the passers have to cross at their own risk. The big issue is that the region gets flooded after every rainfall. The poor drainage system makes the road full of water and that makes the driving even more difficult.

The under construction signs and the large bumps get blurred due to rainfall which results in a greater percentage of road accidents. Moreover, where rules and road condition traffic is an issue the low temperament of the locals add a cherry on the top. People in the Bahamas is full of frustration and anger which doubles the stress in driving. The poor condition of cars plus the severe infrastructure of roads are the two core reason for all the traffic troubles. When it comes to perfectly maintained cars Japanese cars come as a saving grace for such roads and streets. It is recommended to consult the professionals of Japan used cars dealers Bahamas for drive car safely in Bahamas.

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