Understanding Video Interviews

Who doesn’t have a video interview on their agenda, nowadays?

The hiring process has become global, and with the growing cosmopolitan culture at the workplace, corporates have employees who work remotely. This is the reason why video interviews have become more prevalent today. For recruiters, hiring managers and enrollment specialists, video interviewing is now an approach to rapidly lead initial round meetings, save money on transportation costs, and start the candidate selection process considerably faster than the conventional method of first calling for an interview and then proceeding further.

Along these lines, you must be keen on understanding more about video interviews. Good! What precisely is a video interview? How is it not the same as any other video chat? What’s more? The ways how you can make the best use of video interviews and ultimately make the best hiring decisions?

Well, all things considered, you’ve landed on the right page. Here are some basic explanations to the above questions.

What is a Video Interview?

A video interview makes the best use of online technology, thereby, allowing hiring professionals and job seekers to connect at the preliminary level of a recruitment process. A video is the fundamentally used communication medium that connects people staying remotely. Live video interviews make an excellent way to present job seekers, both nonverbally and verbally.

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Digital interviews are a developmental reality so if you are seeking work, it’s time to get to the action. So, gear up that webcam of yours.

Video Interview is not a Video Chat

If you believe that video interviews are essentially somewhat indistinguishable from video chats, then perhaps you have got it all wrong.

Video chats are just for ‘chatting.’  Video interviews, on the contrary, are specially created for the interview process, helping in screening the best ones from a large candidate pool at the initial level.

Here are a couple key highlights you’ll discover with video interviews, something you won’t come across in case of video chats:

  • Interview Recordings: Organizations generally record live interviews for future references.
  • One-Way Video Interview: Candidates record their responses in a pre-decided format.
  • Coordinated effort: Collaborating is made simple with the help of remark/rating frameworks, capacity to share recorded video interviews, and having their digital library.
  • Marking: Offers customization alternatives running from logo to colors.
  • Hopeful Experience: Built for the hiring procedure, providing applicants with a branded, unique experience.

Video chats and video interview platforms were made for certain, entirely different purposes. What’s more? Why agree to just a video chat option when you have a specialized solution for talent acquisition? Huh!

Types of Video Interviews

Not every single virtual interview is made an equivalent. You can have two major kinds of web-based video interviews, and the ways the best video interview software providing company allows hiring experts and job seekers to start a virtual connection.

Live Video Interviews

Hoping to spare time and cash amid the interview procedure? Then, there is nothing more suitable than live video interviews. These meetings work simply like their three-dimensional counterparts (actual meeting) – minus travel expenses and efforts made to schedule an interview.

You need not go for installation of bulky desktop video interview software to go for live video interviews. The job seekers and hiring professionals can communicate whenever and wherever. The efficient online software available here, allows you to record live video interviews that can be played later for a better decision-making process.

One-Way Video Interviews

This is somewhat less spontaneous when it comes to talking directly. The hiring professionals prepare a questionnaire, thereby passing it to the job seekers. The job seekers then have to answer that questionnaire in a recorded video format. This way the job seekers get a chance to show their communication skills, charisma, and personality. The prospective employers know that this is the polished version of the candidates since they were given time to think about their responses.

Video Interviews: Setting Up

Live Video Interviews

  • Jobma’s setup is in the cloud, so you don’t have to install any bulky desktop software or download applications.
  • Begin by scheduling an interview and selecting a date and time to meet with the job seekers.
  • Compose a customized message inviting the applicants via an email.
  • You’ll then receive an email notification as soon as a candidate accepts an interview slot.
  • If there’s a slot booking struggle and you have to change the date or time, you can reschedule the virtual meeting directly from Jobma. Simple!
  • Download the calendar for the live interview and import the file directly to your chosen calendar.
  • Once the interview is complete, you can rate, comment, tag, and share.

One-way Video Interviews

  • Prepare the questionnaire with questions you would like your candidates to answer.
  • Send an invitation email to applicants and invite them to Jobma. All that the candidates require is a smartphone or a web camera.
  • The hiring professional will get a notification as soon as an applicant records his response. All the answers are saved and can be viewed later on demand.
  • You can share the recorded videos with others as we understand that hiring is a collective process. Team members can evaluate the candidate based on his/her response.
  • Applicants are then notified of the results through Jobma.

Why go for Video Interviewing?

  • Better collaboration and communication for long distance candidates
  • High-volume screening made easy
  • Hiring professionals gain better insights early on
  • A great way of saving time and money

So, what are you waiting for? Get noticed smartly.

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