Vaccinations In Relation To Pregnancy

A part of routine health care vaccinations are really important during pregnancy. They keep a number of diseases at bay like chicken pox, measles, flu etc. During pregnancy these vaccines protect both the mother and the baby. Vaccination during pregnancy needs to be exercised with caution as some of them are not safe to be had during pregnancy. Do give consideration that you need to have some vaccines before pregnancy while majority of them are safe during pregnancy. Before going to receive any vaccinations during pregnancy, you need to be aware what all vaccinations you did go on to have.

To provide more clarity check out the school immunization records or even records of the health care providers where you did have immunizations. In case if you are planning to travel abroad you need to check which vaccines might be needed for that particular country? At the same time they need to be safe to be received during pregnancy.

Before pregnancy and vaccination

MMR this is a vaccine most individuals in the US are vaccinated and it stands for measles, mumps along with rubella in kids. In case if you have not been part of this vaccination this is important to do so as rubella does go on to because long term complications with kids. A general suggestion would be to receive the vaccine before one month of trying to become pregnant. Then there is the Tdap vaccine and you can use this before pregnancy or even after 20th week of pregnancy.

Chicken pox is also a disorder that can cause birth defects and various complications during pregnancy. Just as with the case of MMR vaccine, you need to receive this vaccine before a month of trying to become pregnant.

Vaccines and autism

Till a few years back it was conferred that MMR vaccine did go on to cause autism in kids. A lot of school along with colleges are trying to recreate this result, but till date have gone on to achieve limited results as of date. Do you consider any safe vaccines in Pregnancy? As per research reports it was stated that no relation did exist between autism and vaccination.

A general conclusion which did emerge was it was not only safe to immunize your kids with MMR vaccine but a majority of health care professionals did give their thumbs up. If you fail to do so it could result in serious issues with the baby.

Till date there are many women who feel the relationship between autism and vaccines, but still they do possess strong desires in order to protect their kids. They are going to avoid vaccinations and even delay them to a later date.

It does really become important to look at the research and figure out what works for your baby. With the available information at your peril you would really feel good about the decision you have made.

Any vaccination that you avoid has to be taken with your own logic and not because someone else has gone on to avoid them.

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