It is still not recommended by doctors that vaping is better than traditional cigarettes. There have been many articles that have been written by many journalists about the benefits of smoking e-cigarettes due to the fact that these are 95% less harmful than the traditional ones; however, doctors still see it as a regular smoking habit and not as a remedy for people who really want to quit smoking. The initial expense involved in this might be higher than normal cigarettes; however, at a later stage you would find that these are more economical as they can be reused.

The cartridge consists of a good product that you will mostly find at gas stations in different flavors. It requires replacement at certain intervals; however, once you find yourself reducing this habit you will be able to see that this is less expensive than the other cigs. There are many that have the facility of decreasing as well as increasing the level of vapor as well as nicotine that you want to have which is why you don’t have to buy a new one when you want to decrease the level of nicotine.

Such products should never be purchased online because that way you don’t come to know about the quality of vape used in the e-cig.

Level Of Pollution Is Increasing Daily

Smoking is a common problem that we see today. Due to this the level of pollution also seems to be increasing at an alarming level. More and more people have started to have breathing CO2 from the atmosphere due to which we now have health problems such as Asthma and cancer. Many people believe that smoking does not lead to cancer; however, it has been proven that it not only causes blood cancer but also throat cancer and lung infections. The problem with this is that it contains nicotine that seeps in the bloodstream hence makes it very difficult for the person to quit it.

Various technologies and medicines are used so that the person does not get the craving for nicotine such as nicotine patch or nicotine chewing gums; however, without a proper will, it is almost difficult to quit this habit. The major problem here is the relationship of hand to mouth relationship that is established when someone starts to smoke. This habit is very difficult to leave which is why companies have now started to manufacture e-cigarettes. It is commonly known as Vaping which is actually a liquid that is used in this e-cigarette that allows the vapor to be generated and also consists of nicotine as well as other flavors at a very mild level.

You can start with the one that contains moderate amount of nicotine in it so that the craving decreases and then move on to the one that does not have any nicotine in it at all. It also maintains the hand to mouth relationship which gives the impression to the smoker that they are smoking a real cigarette.

Switch To Vaping

Make sure that you don’t purchase this online because most of the companies don’t sell authentic vapes. Vaping is known to be 95% less harmful as well as help minimize greenhouse gases emissions.

Tobacco in addition to nicotine is even more harmful. This is another reason why you can switch to vaping because it does not contain tobacco, hence reduces the effect of nicotine. It is also good for the environment because the vapor does not contain any harmful substance; however, this method is still not medically recommended to quit smoking because it still consists some amount of nicotine.

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